Thursday, June 19, 2008


Jai Gurudev,

It feels great to be in the ashram (in Bangalore) after a long time. I was here this holi in March, but that was for advance course. This time I am not on any course, no fixed schedules to adhere to, just being to myself, chilling out with Bawa, Dinesh bhaiya and Vishwas bhaiya and other YES!+ ashramites Rashmin, JD, Devang. And the highlight of course is satsang with Guruji. The last time I spent like this in ashram was in 2006.

Yesterday the satsang happened in VM - Vishalakshi Mantap. @ 3000 people . There was no place to sit, many were standing. After a rocking 'Narayan Narayan Jai Jai Govind Hare' Guruji started answering questions.

Yesterday I was feeling ill and also worried about an issue. But when Guruji started talking it was as if layer by layer he removed the worrisome thoughts. He spoke about being alipt, meaning being untouched like the lotus though floating in water does not get wet, the water does not stick on to it, similarly we can stay in the world involved in material life and yet not be affected by it. This alipt state, was, for me the highlight of Gurujis talk yesterday.

A lady shared about having a cyst in her brain which has affected her speech. Normally when she does bhastrika she feels an unpleasant impact around the cyst, but yesterday when she did it in the advance course during Sudarshan Kriya, she felt very good.

A devotee asked, "Guruji, should I treat you as God? Whats the difference between God and you?"
Guruji said, "What difference do you see? (kuch pharak dikhta hai tumko?)". Everyone laughed. He then quoted, "Log kehte hai khuda nazarnahi ata, hum kehte hai khuda ke siwa aur kuch nazar nahi ata" and a thuderous appaluse and cheers followed.

He explained the meaning of pooja, the significance of idol worship and its various forms in different religions and answered a few more questions. I shall write more about it in the next post.

The atmosphere in the ashram is totally charged up with more than 2000 people staying, most of them are doing advance courses. There are almost 600 on the YES!++ and @ 1500 on the general advance course which has participants mostly from Punjab, Assam and Orissa; a few from the Gulf too. And guess what? - there are a handful of them from PAKISTAN tooo!

There is so much to write about todays satsang and the beautiful full moon meditation in the amphitheatre. ....later :-)

Jai Gurudev