Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beautiful Muktagiri

The YES!+ in Akola had an extra filling - a picnic to a small hill station called Muktagiri. It has a white marble Jain temple. There are more than 50 small temples with idols of all the Tirthankars.

Here are some more pics.

Love, Jai Gurudev

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Guru Gyan - Feelings

So, a mental agitation, feeling, emotion is associated with some
physical sensation in the body and some specific point. All those
feelings in the mind has been transformed as feelings in the body at
the physical level, they dissolve through meditation. Meditation
transforms all the different emotions. When we remain as a small
pond, a stone will create a big ripple. If somebody says something
that can blow your peace off. So the peace is thrown off by people
around you. But when you become an ocean, even a big mountain
falling into it, does not affect it. Being an ocean, we behave like a
pond – that is the wonder. The greatest wonder is man who is an
ocean of peace and joy, behaves as though he is a little pond when
he is disturbed by any little small thing. The small somebody does
something that irritates you. You go crazy over little insignificant
things and that worries you over and over again, day and night for
several years. Once you are surrendered, there comes a depth in you
and nothing what so ever can throw you off.