Friday, December 26, 2008


His greatgrandfather was a saint
his grandfather was one of the most success
ful businessmen of his taluka;
his father was a bhajan singer and a harmonium player...

and Baba, thats how we (my two brothers and me) address him, our father, has been an inspiration for me in several ways, and am sure for my brothers too.

Born and brought up in Murud Janj
ira a taluka in Raigad district, now famous as a tourist attraction, he fought in the Hindu-Muslim riots when in school and topped the entire taluka in Matriculation (now SSC, earlier it was 11th std). Scored 97/100 in Maths. Mr. Dattatraya Balkrishna Pulekar wanted to be a mathematician. But the village kid didnt even know that something like IIT exists. He had to take up an early job to help clear the debt and losses his father had incurred. He worked himself and sponsored the higher education of his two younger brothers and a sister.

He wanted to get into politics and devot
e his life for spirituality. But finally ended up being a 'sansari'. He was destined to bring three divine souls in the physical form, and so he had to be our father (Rashmin, Harshal and myself)!!!

Baba has played an instrumental role in the three of us (Pu brothers as we are known, thx to Bau ;-)) getting into spirituality. It was he who ignited the spark in us and aai (our mother) complemented it very well. I would love to share a few stories of how they did it....I feel so
grateful to have been born of and brought up by such wonderful parents. More about them in the next few posts.

Baba celebrated his 66th birthday on 22nd Dec'08. And here are some snaps which give a glimpse of the undying, childlike and innocent enthusiasm that Baba is infused with!!!

On the bench..God knows what he is doing up there!! Its the park on the beach in Murud

Thats the fort in the background, the Murud beach

In Rishikesh...playing in Ganga waters.