Monday, January 5, 2009

Satsang with Meghal Bhaiya...and Dance

Gurgaon, 29th Dec, 2008

A meditation conducted in Guruji's voice...which he recently conducted in Canada. It completely silenced my mind. And after that Meghal bhaiya played an audio of Guruji's talk. To be frank, I dont remember much from that talk, but at that moment every word was just getting assimilated and absorbed in my system!

After that talk, Meghal bhaiya said one line, "All past lifetimes we have worried about ourself, can't we live this one life time for others?" That very moment I decided that this lifetime I am going to focus only on making a difference to others! ...well, who are 'OTHERS'? and WHO am I?....:-) ok lets not get into that now...bcos its 1.30 just thru after a long (however, seemed very short as we had a lovely time getting in touch after months!!!) conference chat on skype with my IIT Mumbai YES!+ student-friends...and have a group sadhana at 6 am followed by Guru Puja and Meditation on Rudram, in Preet Vihar.

Well after Meghal bhaiyas snippets of wisdom, we rocked...on Bollywood remix...Ek ladki bheegi bhagi si, Mehbooba, etc.

All of us left back so content and grateful! Oh...such a Blessing, being a devotee is! Love you Guruji. Jai Gurudev

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Pitamah said...

Simple but sweet. How a single line can change the perspective of millions.