Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Bliss of Puja

Yesterday we did Guru puja and then meditated on the Rudra Puja chants...a short satsang with Shiva bhajans followed after that. It felt so much like being in the ashram. A few YES!+ volunteers were amongst the 325 who became Blessers and/or Healers on Sunday 12th Apr. So there was celebration in the air in the YES!+ adda since last evening.

No no...now the adda has been shifted. B-24 Lajpat Nagar was the UTSAV adda. No yaar, A1-266, Safdarjung Enclave was the MARCH-in-MARCH adda. Now its C-119, Ashok Vihar.

The first sms I saw after the puja read... '..I am in the Bangalore ashram,...we just finished rudra puja with Guruji...' :-)

We caught your presence in India Guruji! We are your good devotees no? ;-)

Today Vishal did the Guru puja...after which we chanted Guru Om for 3 to 5 min. The meditation that followed was so deep and with such strong Guru presence. Vishal has been doing the Guru puja with the vidhi (ritual) now for the last 26 consecutive days without break! I guess only Rishi Vidyadharji and Bhanu didi can beat that. If you know anyone else, feel free to enlighten me.

Feels so Satvik after the pujas.

'Satva se karma phal ki siddhi hoti hai'

Satva brings perfection in achieving the fruits of your actions. I am looking forward to what happens tomorrow. We are going to meet the BJP candidate from the Chandni Chowk parliamentary constituency in the morning, do some VOTE-FOR-CHANGE campaigning in the slums in the day followed by a few meetings and in the evening Vishal and me are starting a YES!+ course in DCE(Delhi College of Engg).

Eagerly waiting to see what results our punya and satva gets for us. Of course, tomorrow before the above schedule begins we are doing 2 hours of sadhana followed by Guru puja...ha ha...to pack ourselves with arms and ammunition for the day.

Jai Gurudev

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