Sunday, June 14, 2009

The last 5 Weeks

Dear all,
So much has happened in the last 5 weeks, there are so many things to share with all you lovely people, don't know how much I will be able to remember and key (pen) down.

UP Satsang Tour with Rishi Nityapragyaji, An ANR in Vashi, Mumbai followed by two splendid sessions for volunteers in Mumbai, YES!++ in ashram with Guruji, then DSN with Bau in Goregaon, Mumbai and finally meeting Guruji in Delhi.

I am still in the hangover, literally HANGOVER, of Gurujis Delhi visit. Just before he left Delhi, he sat with us for 10 min to listen to Chitra didi sing a few romantic bollywood numbers. The sweet and intense gestures that he did while she sang have kept me intoxicated till now. When she was singing Kaun Hai Jo Sapno Mein Aya....he mischievously said, "Pata nahin kaun aya?".

In the super chaotic MESSmersied crowd in the satsang in Delhi, he said, "normally we say - from CHAOS to BLISS, but here there is BLISS in the CHAOS". At that time I was managing the crowd, rather hurling them down off the stage and their insensitive uncivilised non-cooperative behaviour was pushing my buttons as if somebody was playing on me like a piano! I had already faced a tough time at the airport when I had to use all my physical strength to create a super wide pathway - barely 6 inches, for Guruji to walk a distance of 100 ft which took him 15 min. In those 15 min I got completely drenched with sweat and the moment Guruji sat in the car it started drizzling...the arrival of the divine in the capital was promptly acknowledged by the rain gods. Ever since temperatures have dipped in Delhi and I am still soaking in his love.

more about it later...


Siddharth said...

Yaaaaaaay! You're back to the internet world :D

Please read my experience with Him on


deepak said...

Hi Saleel Bhaiya,

It was really difficult for me to be in Mumbai in my trip two weeks back.

It will be great if you could post some photos to here. to get some latest glimps.

Thanks and Regards,

ynnus4u said...

Jai Guru Dev
Saleel Bhaiyya.......I was eagerly awaiting for your Guruji's delhi visit main crowd management ka problem nhin hoga because main wahan hoonga :).....btw even I was not happy jab Guruji left earlier :(.......btw ynnus4u is aapke very own Achal Premi......:)

Jai Guru Dev

atmarati avirodhena said...

woww bhaiya

fantastic post :)


Mukta_jgd said...

loved the post!

jai guru dev said...

jai gurudev saleel bhiya i m surbhi d student of the recent yes+ session held in north campus bharat nagar and i cant forget u all u avinash bhiya u guys r amazing