Friday, December 17, 2010


Bhaiya...i have so many questions coming up in my mind these days........

i knw u'll answer all the sensible ones..

Q. how to tackle all type of distractions(worldly) which come up while walking this path??
A: by being more firmly rooted in your center and knowing that all distractions are not only temporary but also unreal.

Q. is it ok to be firm about certain things in ur lyf i.e. "either ONLY THIS or NOTHING else.." Is it not like resisting??
A: your conscience will tell you whether it is right or wrong. Do those things which are rewarding in the long term, though unpleasant to begin with.

Q. why the Guruji who comes in my dreams is more intimate than the actual wale Guruji...
A: fantasies are always sweeter and sexier than reality :-) Your desires are coming up as your dreams.

Q: and why Guru's ways of expressing have to be subtle...??
A: bcz the voltage of his words and actions are very high, so just a little is also enough.

Q. what is the secret of being the Best Devotee..??
A: I cannot tell you the secret bcz I am the best devotee ;-). Well, Guruji often says, " jo tu hai so mai hu, jo mai hu so tu hai!"

Q. While being on the path, when u r in love with someone..does this worldly love happen to be a big big hindrance in the Divine love..?dats y Guruji didnt marry and so many teachers(including u),volunteers dont marry??
A: not if the focus is on the Guru.

Q. Is the Divine possessive about the devotee..??Does the Divine feel hurt if he has to share the devotee's love with some other person????
A: for the divine there is no other, no two, its advait. But I am sure Guruji shows himself to be possessive at times, its just a 'leela', divine play, to add spice to the divine romance.

Q. I keep thinking about Guruji all time these days..i cant do anything else..I just want to be with him..How,when,where...i dont knw..wat to do??
A: Krishna told Arjuna in the Gita, "I am the strength in the strong, the beauty in the beautiful, the fragrance in the flower and the sweetness in the sugar." Just like that, the smile on your face is HIM, the longing in your heart is HIM and the wow that's happening in your mind now and the tickle you are feeling in your heart now is also HIM!


I answer all sincere questions with sincerity ;-)

Jai Gurudev

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Whats happening in the TTC @ German Ashram

Hearts are melting in the fire of Love,

Minds are evolving in the sattva of Sadhana,
Egos are dissolving in the ocean of Grace,
Their consciousness is being awakened in the light of this Knowledge and

Their Self is radiating the presence of the Guru.

--Witnessing the Magic unfolding wonder after wonders, Aho Niranjano!
Jai Gurudev!!!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Why to do Sadhana, Seva and Satsang?

All that the Mind wants is Attention and Pampering;
All that the Ego wants is Importance and Praise;
All that the Heart wants is Love and Care.

When you are grounded in Sadhana (Spiritual practices), Seva (service - action without any expectation) and Satsang (living the knowledge), you are able to drop the wants of YOUR mind, ego and heart. Then you become sensitive to the Minds, Egos and Hearts around you and you know exactly when to give what to whom :-).

And when a person gets all the three from you, the person is yours. Then you have won the belongingness, trust and surrender of that person.
[All aspiring/existing Art of Living teachers/leaders, do you get the tip?]

Friday, November 12, 2010

Guilt & Conflicts

Q: Ummm.. Thr is one thng i greatly regret about.. I hv acceptd my mistake, still it comes in mind n hurts me agn aftr a whil.. Its deep rooted in my heart...How can i get rid of it?
A: A scholar in a village who was jealous of Gautam Buddha, went and spat on his face and Buddha just kept smiling, untouched and unaffected, and when he later went to Buddha for forgiveness, Buddha said, "I cannot forgive because the person who spat and the person asking for forgiveness are not the same. And there is no chance I will meet him ever. And the person on who he spat is not the same as the person standing in front of you now and there is no chance you will meet him ever." Everything is changing.

Just focus on the priority things in your life like your career etc. Move ahead dude.

And I am not telling you to run away from your unpleasant feelings, just go through it, welcome it, do not resist it. Whatever your resist will persist :-) And my dear MRI, you seem so confident its deep rooted in your heart??!! Even the best heart surgeons in AIIMS are not as confident as you about what is deep rooted in the heart...ha ha. Like an atom, the negativity is only on the periphery, and at the root, at the center there is only positivity. So relax. Do seva and meditate deeper to get in touch with the love, innocence and peace that you are.

And by the way, have you apologized to the person, if any, who suffered because of your mistake?

Q: Many times there are conflicts in our volunteer team, inspite of the fact that all of us are working for a common goal.
A: Conflicts can't be avoided. Similarly belongingness also can't be avoided. Its human nature. Just focus on the belongingness and it will grow.


Friday, November 5, 2010

The mind is like a child

Today I went shopping with Deepak and his two kids in REWE, the departmental store close to his house in Berlin.

Whatever attracted the eyes of the kids, they wanted to have it. They cried and persuaded their dad for a few seconds to buy it, and when he would firmly deny, they would simply accept and drop it.

Sometimes they would still continue and try their luck, but when they would be denied even strongly they would drop it and move ahead till something else tempted their senses.

The promises of pleasure that the mind comforts itself with are so momentary, so fleeting and it keeps jumping onto whatever seems to assure it some satisfaction! Its like wooing a hungry dog by waving a bone or a biscuit.

When will this hankering end? When will this seeking end? When will this running after something end?

When the outward journey of the mind away from the self stops and the inward journey begins and the mind comes home to the abode of the self; exactly like a child, even after being denied all that it cried for, it feels the real comfort when it comes out of the shop and holds the hand of its mom and on reaching home jumps into her lap. That's home.

"Abiding in the SELF is YOGA." --Rishi Patanjali

So stop seeking, just relax, drop everything and chill within.



Thursday, November 4, 2010


VAPIANO is an Italian Restaurant Chain. Had dinner today at the Vapiano in Hamburg.

A unique ambience, brilliant food, extremely cool seating arrangement.

The above pic has been clicked from the road. The tree you see is inside the restaurant planted in a big rectangular hole right in the middle of a big square table around which there are chairs where we sat and had our food. 

A huge menu just above the ordering place, looks like a big blackboard with the drawings and text done with chalk. This gives it a very informal, innocent and unique flavour.

Below is the pic of one of the tables, the two big mushroom shaped things you see are lamps and the small plants you see are basil and some other leaves which can be eaten with the food. Directly plucking from the garden and placing it on bread or your pizza and with a few drops of olive oil on it, gives a naturally nourishing experience. Brilliant concept

I ordered for a Rucola Ravioli pasta and Bruchetta pizza. Was delicious. Another khasiyat (speciality) of this place is that when you place your order, the cook changes his gloves, takes a fresh pan and puts the ingredients in front of you and cooks your pasta, cool na :-)

And after having eaten Sambar Rice, Tofu, and Curd Rice for lunch @ 4pm and then dinner @ 9pm at Vapiano, it took us a 1 hour walk to feel light enough to go to bed. But I did not go to bed and instead wrote this, and though I still cannot feel the sleep in my eyes, I can definitely feel your mouth watering already ;-)

PS: On our walk back, we saw a 3 layer cake priced 1250 Euros!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

What is YES!+?

Where Silence meets Dynamism &
Knowledge meets Fun...
that is YES!+

Where Passion meets Focus &
Risk meets Faith...
that is YES!+

Where Simplicity meets Excellence &
Adventure meets Talent...
that is YES!+

Where Surrender meets Responsibility &
Contentment meets Creativity...
that is YES!+

Where skills are Nurtured &
the Being is Empowered...
that is YES!+

Where the Heart Cares &
the Spirit Shares...
that is YES!+

Where the Teacher is a Friend &
Wisdom is the Bond...
that is YES!+

Where the Mantra is Meditation &
Sharing is a Celebration...
that is YES!+

Where Love for Self extends into Service to the Other &
Dreams become a Reality...
that is YES!+

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Diving Deeper n deeper...

The Hamburg Part1 course for repeaters from Oct 14 to 18th was very special. I realized that when the students are good sadhaks, the teachers experience goes deeper, and the teachers job becomes easy.

The knowledge was opening veil after veil and tickling the conciousness of the people as they went more and more in awe of it.

Discovered two new games which were absolute fun and offered wonderful insight into the mind.

The meditations used to be so deep, nobody would want to open their eyes, even after it was over. On the last day, after the aura meditation, it was spellbound, the silence was speaking something so profound and blissful, love and gratitude could be heard and grace could be felt like a fragrance in every breath.

I experienced effortlessness of doing and hollow and emptiness of the being.

Love, prayers and gratitude

Yours, in service


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Snapshots - Oct 2010

Thats the Afghan Hindu Temple in Rotenburgsort in Hamburg where we had the magical satsang on the 6th night of Navratri.

This is a small place of worship in the Vietnamese restaurant we visited for dinner yesterday evening

An amazing musical instrument. The guy is just rotating a pulley and the instrument gives out decent music. This is how he earns some money.

Now, this is total let go, surrender, almost like samadhi!
Divij, the son of Gaurav and Rutika Garg, who were doing the YES!+ course in Dusseldorf last week. 

When 100% naughtiness is mixed with 100% innocence and 100% belongingness what you get is Sweetness: Abhijit and Aditya, sons of Shailaja and Deepak Patil in whose house I stayed in Berlin for a couple of days.

And these are angels from the house of Rashmi and Anil Ahluwalia, a very sweet and divine couple who belong to one of the very affluent business families from Dusseldorf. These angels are wishing you Shanti Rastu, Pushti Rastu, Tushti Rastu. May you be blessed with peace, health and contentment.

Happy Dassera


PS: A wonderful group of 12 people are doing a Part 1 Refresher course in Hamburg. The course is getting more and more powerful every hour, love is in abundance and the grace is being felt every moment. They are doing a process as I am typing this. more later...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Guru presence in Afghan Hindu Temple, Hamburg

Finally now I feel part of the Navratri Celebrations!

We were invited to the Afghan Hindu temple in Hamburg where I taught a Part 1 course 3 weeks ago. The 6th night of Navratri, Wednesday, Oct 13, was a Jagran at the temple.

We reached at 1130 pm and wanted to leave by 12. We met the main organizers and waited for our turn to sing a bhajan, Krishi was to accompany me on the guitar. We waited and waited, the mind began to get impatient and irritation crept in. We were told to wait more as the guy who was singing wasn't stopping at all. It was now 1am.

I became aware of the impatience and remembered Guruji's words: "Waiting can lead to frustration or waiting can lead to meditation. Waiting for eternity is samadhi." So I just dropped the irritation and decided to let go in the present moment. Within a few minutes we were told to sing :-). The singing team who had to take a break in order to allow us, reluctantly agreed.

Durge durge durge jai jai ma aa aa,
Kali kapalini ma aa aa, Jagadoddharini Ma,
Devi jai jai jai jai ma aa aa....

When the bhajan went to high scales, I could feel the energy in me rise, as though some extra energy and power was being supplied from somewhere. Before our bhajan people were chit chatting, from the 150 odd people there, very few were singing or even listening, and now I could feel, with my eyes closed, (I could barely keep my eyes open), that all were singing and totally charged.

As the bhajan got over few people shouted, 'ek aur ek aur'. The leader of the singing team behind me now requested me to sing one more. :-) (Everything changes)

Mata Bhavani Maheshwari, mata bhavani parmeshwari...

Both bhajans rocked, people enjoyed, organisers were pleasantly surprised and what was my state?: well as usual I was profusely sweating..:-) :-)

Its 255 am now and as I type this I can still feel the energy.

As I logged in to facebook on returning home, what do I get to read?: "This whole world is made of the 'devi chetna'. We have to raise this 'chetna' and experience it too." - Sri Sri's words today, a few hours before the above experience.

Thanks Guruji for raising my chetana and allowing me to experience it too.

Jai Gurudev

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Bye Ganpati Bappa

Yesterday was Ganesh Chaturthi, the day of immersion of the idol of Lord Ganesha.

This is how the moon looked in Hamburg, its just one day before full moon:

I visited a temple in Hamburg and kind of bid farewell to the Ganpati idol in my lane, where I stay in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. Here is the pic of that idol I had clicked a day before leaving from India for Germany:

ajam nirvikalpam niraakaaramekam, niraanandamaanandamadvaitapuurnam.
param nirgunam nirvishesham nireham, parabrahmaruupam ganesham bhajema.

[who is unborn absolute formless, beyond bliss and again bliss the one infinite
supreme without attributes differentiation desire, who is the form of the supreme Brahman - we offer worship to Lord Ganesha]

gunaatiitamaanam cidaanandaruupam, cidaabhaasakam sarvagam j~naanagamyam.
munidhyeyamaakaasharuupam paresham, parabrahmaruupam ganesham bhajema.

[who is the nature beyond attributes the form of intellegence and bliss,
the effulgent spirit the all pervading the goal of knowledge,
who is the object of the meditations of silent sages formless and omnipresent like space, who is the form of the supreme Brahman - we offer worship to Lord Ganesha]

jagatkaaranam kaaranaj~naanaruupam, suraadim sukhaadim gunesham ganesham.
jagadvyaapinam vishvavandhyam suresham, parabrahmaruupam ganesham bhajema.

[who is the cause of the world - the primal knowledge, the origin of gods - the bliss - full of virtues - Lord of heavenly, hosts, who pervades the universe - who is worshipped by all - who is the Lord of the Gods,
who is the form of the supreme Brahman - we offer worship to Lord Ganesha]

You can hear the above Ganesh Stotram in the voice of Bhanu Didi in the album Call of the Divine. Also I strongly recommend to hear the version of Sacred Chants of India.

Ganpati Bappa Moraya, Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar Ya!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


(Transcribed by Aditya Kamalapurkar)

Vipaksha Bandhana Pratipaksha Bhavane - Whenever you feel negativity - you should overcome it by having the opposite emotions (increasing the positivity)

Look at who you are angry with and why? Who is the person and why is he acting that way? He's not the master of his mind and has no control over the waves of emotions and thoughts - just know that and be compassionate and friendly.

See how each emotion affects you and they start a whole chain of reactions in you and what happens to your mind and body. Hence we should be awake and aware. Vipaksha Bandhana Pratipaksha Bhavane. As soon as you think of someone else's mistake how agitated you get, isn't it? How many of you feel this way?? (so many hands were raised up in VM) Then that's why you should think of the guru instead! See how you feel then....

So what's the sutra?? (and almost everyone is quite in the hall)

So simple it is and i just told it and you can't remember it?? now repeat it with me!

Vipaksha Bandhana - the feeling that are negative are a block and obstacle
Pratipaksha Bhavane - to overcome them you have to have the opposite feelings towards that.

Vipaksha Bandhana Pratipaksha Bhavane...

I know many of you will forget the sutra in 2 or 3 days... You'll say - ah he said something very good in satsang.. dunno what it was.. some vipaksh and partipaksh something... it was too good eh! i don't know what it was exactly but it was good!

See, you need to keep this in mind and not forget it.

Monday, September 20, 2010

WOW knowledge of the Week !!!

Q. How to deal with people who do not listen to u ??

When someone is not listening to you, dont talk. IF you really want to take more effort then first prepare the person to listen to you and then talk. Its like talking on the phone.


You dial a number and you hear a ring. Do u just start talking?
No. You wait for the other person to pick the phone and say Hello. Once you have ensured the other person is ready to hear you then you say what you want to say, right?
Its the same in a conversation.
Make sure that the other person is receptive.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

CRISPIES of the Week !!!



Just being Happy is not enough.
U need to have that Strength also..  
So that u can smile in and smile through 
the adversities too  :)


Giving with a 'sense of Giving' is NO Giving 

    Holding the fist gives you an illusion that 
    you are holding something.   
    But when you let go and loosen your fist, you'll realise that you are holding the entire sky

    Weak minds get Influenced..
     Strong minds get Inspired ...

        ART OF LIVING is the Art of being Yourself  :)


          Friday, September 17, 2010

          BLESSING : A Glimpse of the GRACE !!

          " When your mind is calm and serene, it becomes like a laser beam. Then you get the power to bless. "
          - SRI SRI

          As a Blesser, I have witnessed many stories of Grace. This one is also Special like every other story :)
          I was in Delhi when one day an Elderly lady came to me to take blessings for her ill Grandson. Her 5 year old Grandson was having loose motions and because of the criticality of the case was admitted in Hindurao Hospital. He was on drip for the past 15 days.
          She had not done any Art of Living course. But she asked me to Bless her. She took the Blessings and went home.
          After 2 days she came home and told me that all the reports of her Grandson were completely fine. She was amazed as just 2 days before there were no signs of recovery. And just not this, on the 3rd day he was discharged from the Hospital.

          " Where Nothing works.., Grace surely Works !! "
          Jai Gurudev :)

          Thursday, September 16, 2010

          In love even objects become alive...

          Who says plastic is bad? Even Plastic can Bloom!

          "Jaisi DRISHTI waisi SRISHTI" - Sri Sri

          "Jaisi MATI waisi GATI" - Sri Sri

          "In the presence of a SatGuru, talents manifest."

          I was amazed to see what this lady did with disposed bottles of water.

          Well, she is more than 65 years old, but her enthusiasm completely defies her age. And guess who her Art Of Living teacher is?

          Well, prizes for the correct answer ;-)

          Thursday, September 9, 2010

          What we Learnt and Forgot...The Germans Retaught !!!

          Since our childhood we have been reading that digestion starts the moment we start chewing food. It is wrong. Rather it starts the moment we touch the food.

          As soon as we touch it, signals through the nerve ends at the tip of the fingers are sent to our digestive system regarding the type of food. And then the digestive system accordingly does the juice secretion. It is like preparing the system for the food. But using spoons for eating we completely eliminate the first stage of digestion. Whenever you eat using spoon, complete digestion will NEVER happen.
          This beautiful knowledge was given by Guruji.

          When I was in Germany, I was completely fed up of the German food (only potatoes and sandwiches). So, we all (some of my foreign friends) decided to go to an Indian Restaurant. We ordered Paneer butter masala, dal makhani, parantha. The order sounded perfect but when I saw them eating it, I was Horrified. They would take one spoon of rice, then one spoon of Dal makhani, then one of Paneer butter masala. Then they would cut the parantha with knife and fork and eat a piece. "You are insulting the Indian food" , I told them.
          They all looked confused. So I decided to teach them. " Come on ! Break that parantha..Dip it in the Butter masala..Put it in your mouth..And if anything leaks out (chances are High)..dont worry just Lick !! ". They were not much comfortable about the idea :)
          Sabse bada rog kya kahenge log ;). But when i told them about the scientific explanation of using hands given by Guruji, they dropped their spoons at once and ate with hands.

          It was a big thing for people who have been  eating using spoons since the past 20-25 years and who have seen others also do the same only. It was a big thing doing it in a country where touching food is considered Uncivilised and Unhygienic. But they did it.
          Good lesson for we Indians who have started dropping our own cultural values in exchange of some foolish trends. Knowing the Science behind the Spirituality will really help in getting back to those values :)
          Jai Gurudev..

          Thursday, August 26, 2010

          Evaluate your Sattva-Rajas-Tamas

          During a very casual chat over dinner with Yogesh, I realized that its easy to get a peek into your mind by switching on the TV!!??

          If no channel interests you and yet you lazily keep watching and the angle made by your back with your thighs keeps increasing :-) you are in a state of TAMAS.

          If you find more than 2 channels (entertainment ones) interesting and keep switching between them every few minutes, its RAJAS; if every few seconds then its very high RAJAS.

          If you are watching an Ekta Kapoor production with a smile on your face, its SATTVA. No matter what channel you are watching, if someone comes and changes the channel or switches the TV off and you still continue smiling, its very high SATTVA.

          So the idiot box after all is not so much of an idiot, it can be used as a Sattva-Meter

          So go ahead and experiment :-)


          Tuesday, August 24, 2010

          Bondage that Liberates - RAKSHA BANDHAN

          This full moon is dedicated to the seers - the rishis. It is also called the Raksha Bandhan.

          Bandhan means bondage, and raksha means protection.

          A bondage that protects you - Your bondage to the knowledge, to the master, to the truth, to The Self, all save you.

          A Rope Can Be Tied To Either Protect Or Strangle You.

          The Small Mind and Mundane Things can strangle you.

          The big mind or knowledge saves you. Raksha Bandhan is that bondage that saves you.

          You are bound by your bondage to the satsang, your bondage to the master, to the truth, to the ancient knowledge of the rishis, and that is your savior.

          Bonding is essential in life. And let the bonding be divine in a life free from bondage.

          - Raksha Bandhan message by Sri Sri, Copenhagen, Denmark, 20 Aug, 1997

          Friday, August 6, 2010

          Sri Sri : You don’t need to drink Pepsi or Coke if you don’t feel it’s good for you

          30 July 2010, France 

          Q: Because I travel a lot to places where vegetarian food is hard to find, and I have to eat with office colleagues. I eat wrong foods and find energy is really low. What to do in such situations?

          Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
           You know when people have some allergies, they don’t eat those foods for which they have allergies just because of company. Suppose you have milk allergy, and because the company is all drinking tea and milk, you’ll not say, ‘Ok, I’ll also drink.’ Because you’ll suffer. Right? 

          So similarly, you can choose your food in any company, you can say, ‘Ok. I am going to eat only chips, or vegetables, or bread..’ You are not compelled to eat non-veg if you don’t want to. Ok? Or unhealthy food. You don’t need to drink Pepsi or Coke if you don’t feel it’s good for you. Right? See, when people drink lots of Pepsi and Coke, it burns the lining of the stomach and the intestine. 

          Later on you develop so many problems. All these carbonated drinks should be avoided. Someone had demonstrated, in a cup of Pepsi they put a tooth, a tooth which had fallen, and it dissolves! If teeth can dissolve (which stay for a long time in nature) in Pepsi Cola then.. It is so corrosive. And that corrosive fluid can cause so much damage to our intestine, our brain, our nerve cells. So, we must keep healthy eating habits and propagate them. 

          Today is much better than 30 years ago. 30 years ago, when we started, people were very allergic to vegetarianism and spirituality. But today, it has become a fashion. Because we make a trend. And we create a trend and keep it moving. 

          Read more Q&A on

          Monday, June 21, 2010

          Its a Magical Summer @ Ashram

          Sunday, 20 June 2010
          Satsang @ Bangalore Ashram

          After explaining a few verses from Ashtavakra Gita in Kannada, Guruji said, "Today we have lot of people from Tamil Nadu (and of course the elated Madrasis cheered), so today no Hindi, no English, I will talk in Tamil (this was like offering Idlis and Dosas with a double helping of curd rice to a hungry Tamilian)."

          A few excerpts from his Tamil talk are given below. 

          And if you are wondering how I could make sense out of the curvacious tongue twisters? Well, the twists and turns were ironed out by our superb camera guy GauriShankar (who is the official cameraman of WAYE) and better known for his lead role in Anand&Benaifer, the rocking superhit YES!+ Musical performed in the 1100 people YES!+ course in Mumbai and now to be performed at Summer Magic! A 2 hour and 40 min non-stop stomach aching comedy interspersed with world class singing and Yollywood (Yes!+ ka Bollywood) dances, complete with action, suspense, family drama, college fantasies and even no...NO..not sex!

          Guruji said, "You cannot experience Shiva by the body or mind. Shiva has to be experienced by the SELF. And to do that one has to go through the breath."

          "The 1st quality of human nature is empathy. Being sensitive. If you don't feel anything when someone sad cries, its inhuman. Sharing the joy & sorrow of others is seva. You cannot do seva. Seva happens."

          "Learning to still the mind is a skill. When your mind is still, not only do your desires get fulfilled, you also get the power to bless other people's desires."

          Bau said something very nice and related to the above. See it here.

          After his talk Guruji asked the bhajan team to sing a Tamil bhajan. They sang Varuvai Varuvai, Varuvai Amma. Then Guruji and Bhanu didi sang a very beautiful Tamil devotional song. The way Guruji was singing it, I felt very strongly I want to learn and sing that song. Lets see.

          Jai Gurudev
          PS: Have just returned after a blissful Rudrapuja with Guruji

          Wednesday, June 9, 2010

          Philosophy YOGA by Guruji


          Such was the Philosophy Yoga session Guruji conducted today in Vishalakshi Mantap for Art of Living Teachers and Ashtavakra Gita Course participants.

          Some quotes that he came up with so spontaneously:

          Jaisi drishti waisi srishti.

          Hat na kariba, pade na rahiba, dheere dhareeba pav.


          Nasika....Na Seekha

          Dimag se Dil tak

          Haat Pav chalana zindagi ki nishani hai.

          Hum deewaro se takrate rehte hai, aisi deeware, jo hai hi nahi!

          Kuch kehte hai hum logo ko jeena sikhate hai,
          Kuch kehte hai hum logo ko marna sikhate hai,
          Hum kehte hai hum logo ko jite ji marna sikhate hai!

          It was the best Yoga session I have ever attended.

          Jai Gurudev

          Sunday, May 30, 2010

          Sri Sri gives Solution for Terrorism

          Sunday, 30th May, 2010
          Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore

          After a toofani satsang by Rishi Nityapragyaji and Manikantanji which had got more than 3/4ths of the 5000 + crowd on their feet for more than half an hour, Guruji entered the Yagyashaala @ 845pm.

          He announced that we will not do Ashtavakra today, let's sing.

          And then he said, "Dhyan sadhana ek hi raasta hai ye vair khatma karneka. Aaj sham ko yaha terrorist aaya tha....bullet chalaya lekin kisiko laga nai, sirph kisike pair me chot aayi...uske mann me hinsa ka bhav hi nai raha, apne ashram ke vatavaran me, phir wo chala gaya.

          Daivi shakti ka prabhav jaha hota hai wahan hinsak vichar tik nahi sakta.

          Saare atankvadi ka yaha aa sakte hai. Yahan satsang me baithke thik ho jayenge.

          Ghar ghar mein dhyan kare, yog karen, to desh bhar me leher utha sakte hai

          Lok kalyan ke liye samaj me shanti laane ke liye sab ko kaam karna padega, har ek vyakti 100 logon ke jivan me pharak laye.

          Tum sab nirbhit hokar so jao. Tumhare saath ek Raksha kavach hai.

          Jai Gurudev

          Saturday, May 15, 2010

          Like poles attract!?

          SATTVA attracts more SATTVA,
          RAJAS attracts more RAJAS and
          TAMAS attracts more TAMAS.

          This has been my experience.

          When my sadhana is deep I tend to do more sattvik things, like listening to Guruji's knowledge or doing some chanting etc.

          When my sadhana is done in a hurry, I tend to do too many things, lot of planning and thinking goes on and the activity is not controlled.

          When my sadhana is done sluggishly and/or with resistence I waste time doing nothing and making up my mind to do something, out of a lack of drive.

          Recommended listening: Gurujis talk - The Three Gunas

          Jai Gurudev
          PS: currently in train on way to bangalore...transition from tamasik to sattvik environment :-)

          Monday, April 26, 2010

          Politics or International Humour!?

          UN conducted a survey.

          The question was:"Would you please give your honest opinion abt d shortage of food in d rest of d world?"

          The survey was a failure as..

          In Africa d people did not know what 'food' was.

          In China they did not know what 'opinion' was.

          Europeans did not know what 'shortage' was.

          Pak and India did not know what 'honest' meant.

          Saudi arabia did not know what 'please' was.

          And Americans did not know what 'rest of the world' meant!

          Friday, April 23, 2010

          A bit of banter | Vikram Hazra's blog

          Guys, I was browsing through Vikram bhaiyas blog and found an extremely intelligent and hilarious war of words - German v/s English.
          Its too good. Just couldn't resist sharing

          See above link or read below:

          The European Commission has just announced an agreement whereby English will be the official language of the European Union rather than German, which was the other possibility. 

          As part of the negotiations, the British Government conceded that English spelling had some room for improvement and has accepted a 5- year phase-in plan that would become known as "Euro-English". 

          In the first year, "s" will replace the soft "c". Sertainly, this will make the sivil servants jump with joy. The hard "c" will be dropped in favour of "k". This should klear up konfusion, and keyboards kan have one less letter.


          There will be growing publik enthusiasm in the sekond year when the troublesome "ph" will be replaced with "f". This will make words like fotograf 20% shorter. 

          In the 3rd year, publik akseptanse of the new spelling kan be expekted to reach the stage where more komplikated changes are possible. 

          Governments will enkourage the removal of double letters which have always ben a deterent to akurate speling. 

          Also, al wil agre that the horibl mes of the silent "e" in the languag is disgrasful and it should go away. 

          By the 4th yer people wil be reseptiv to steps such as replasing "th" with "z" and "w" with "v". 

          During ze fifz yer, ze unesesary "o" kan be dropd from vords kontaining "ou" and after ziz fifz yer, ve vil hav a reil sensi bl riten styl. 

          Zer vil be no mor trubl or difikultis and evrivun vil find it ezi tu understand ech oza. Ze drem of a united urop vil finali kum tru. 

          Und efter ze fifz yer, ve vil al be speking German like zey vunted in ze forst plas.


          Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone

          Mesmerised by Rishi Vidhyadharji

          The last five days I have been meeting him daily.

          His presence exudes peace and awareness.
          His words bring solace, intrigues the seeker and kindle wisdom.

          I am in awe of his wisdom,
          I am inspired by his dedication,
          In his presence, my heart wells up in gratitude and my soul feels elevated.

          A few excerpts from his Gyan Vani:

          Being with nothing is Meditation,
          Doing for nothing is Seva,
          Singing for nothing is Satsang.

          Meditation gives Peace,
          Satsang gives Joy,
          Seva gives Love,
          Knowledge gives Contentment.

          Rather than 'Think before you Talk'; 'Observe your sielnce before you talk'. Only if you are silent within, then the words that you speak will either give solace or direction or both, to the listener. Words that bring neither solace nor give direction to the listener are best not spoken.
          Six reasons to use words:
          1. To inquire about life
          2. To bless
          3. To praise
          4. To delegate work
          5. To give knowledge
          6. To tell Guru stories

          More may follow, or the best thing is meet him.

          Aho Niranjano!

          Tuesday, April 13, 2010

          Break up hua to Life Jhingalala !

          When ur girl friend / boy friend ditches you resulting in a break off...:

          1. Thank god/guru it happened now instead of much later which would have put you in a deeper bigger mess.

          2. Know that emotions are like fishes in the ocean called YOU. Fishes play in the ocean and with the ocean and even fight amongst themselves. Fishes will perish but the ocean remains. Who is bigger? The fish or the ocean. So don't become a slave of your emotions, YOU are a temporary abode for them, sooner or later they will leave you. YOU still remain. YOU are infinte. YOU are eternal.

          3. Some karmas of the past births or this had brought the two of you together. If the karma quota is over then your struggle to unite again could turn out to be an endless one. Just let go. And who knows there may be someone better in store, but your holding onto the past is postponing the new arrival.

          4. Isn't it a relief to be off the close circuit surveillance?

          5. Once married you will never get a chance to be single again. But now you can enjoy the liberties of being single again.

          6. Finally now there is a ray of hope for focusing on acads and career and hobbies and family and real friends (of the same sex as urs) and and ... And this and that and...I mean there is so much more life in ur life suddenly!

          7. So much more scope for infatuations, crushes, love at first sight, poetry, shayari, dates, adventures of proposing...its like you have been gifted a renewed teenage with more experience and practical wisdom.

          So isn't a break up a BLESSING?!

          "Ever new, happy you." - Sri Sri
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          Thursday, March 18, 2010

          My first course in Germany

          As I stepped out of the wood-and-hay clad meditation hall in our Vasad ashram in Gujarat, I was still in the 'hangover' of the intoxicating Guru puja chant by Bhanu didi, my being was graced by the sight of my Guru looking invitingly at me and walking, as though gliding like a cloud. With a welcoming smile he said, "Saleel, tujhe pata hai main tujhe Germany bhej raha hun."

          There was such a personal touch in that statement. I was delighted.

          Two and a half months in Germany were quite challenging. It taught me acceptance and patience. My daily reading of Yoga Vasishtha helped me a lot. I am grateful to Vikram Hazra for having recommended my name to Guruji. And I had a wonderful time with Vikram in Germany.

          This is the first course I taught which was organised by Christoff Glaser. It was conducted in our beautiful ashram in Bad Antogast. The below pic was taken when the entire batch went for a walk in the Black Forest in the Alps, which is where our ashram is located, very close to the Swiss border.

          March 2005, YES course for 18 to 30 year olds. There was no YES!+ at that time.
          (YES!+ was designed and first conducted in Mumbai from 28 June to 4th July 2005. Start Date is Rajesh Jagasia's birthday and end date is US Independence day)

          Jai Gurudev

          Wednesday, March 17, 2010

          Desire v/s Longing

          Just a couple of days ago, I got an sms from Hemant (our light hearted, jovial and dynamic YES!+ teacher from Nagpur) in which he asked me a question:

          What is the difference between longing and desire?

          It set me thinking for a few moments and so I did not immediately reply and subsequently forgot about it.

          In my YES!+ courses I take great pride in introducing to my students, Guruji's precision and succinctness in giving knowledge when I read out his words in the knowledge sheet about difference between love and lust and the students not only just love it, their concepts of love taken largely from Bollywood actually get thrashed like a dynamite blasts a mine and clarity dawns.

          Here I am making a modest attempt, by Guruji's grace, let me know if it helps to bring some clarity:

          • Desire is for some end result; longing doesn't seek a completion.
          • Desire for something arises when we see or hear about it, it comes from the senses; longing springs from love which is beyond the senses.
          • Desire is for some pleasure, comfort, convenience; longing cares for neither.
          • Desire seeks fulfillment, longing seeks merger.
          • Desire may mature into an intention or ambition; longing makes the love more mature.
          • A desire leads to more desires; longing keeps you focussed.
          • In desire you want more and more, you want to grow, you want to become bigger; in longing you let go and dissolve.
            • Desire, while yet unfulfilled, may lead to 'feverishness to fulfill'; longing leads to surrender.
            • Desire, when fulfilled, gives short term pleasure or joy, longing when fulfilled restricts the growth of love.
            • Desire, if unfulfilled, leads to frustration; longing if unfulfilled transforms into unconditional love.
            • Desire makes you rigid and insensitive; longing makes you delicate and sensitive.
            • Too many desires can give rise to intestinal disorders; longing gives rise to heart aches - am afraid, not heart attacks!
            • Wanting to achieve what you desire challenges the ego; the more you long, the more it dissolves your ego.
            • The discomfort in desire takes away the joy of the present moment; the pain in longing sweetens the present moment.
            • In desire there is a hankering for some joy in the future; in longing you enjoy the pain (caused by separation) in the present moment.
            • You have a choice whether to drop the desire or harbour it; in longing you are choiceless and helpless.
            • Desire is the cry of the mind; longing is the yearning of the soul.
            • Fulfillment of your desire can boost your ego; fulfillment of your longing makes you grateful.
            • With a desire in your mind, meditation can't happen; with longing in your heart prayer happens.

            • Meditation helps to loosen the grip of desire on the mind; longing gets ripened and refined with meditation.
            • In desire you can become 'pagal'; in longing you become a 'deewaanaa'.
            • In desire you become a slave or fan of the person you desire; in longing you become a sevak or devotee.
            By writing this post, I have fulfilled my desire of answering Hemant's question; on reading this post I am sure he will long for more;-).

            Friday, March 12, 2010

            My first DSN

            September 1999. It was the first time I was attending a DSN course. Rashmin, Rajesh Jagasia, Harshal and a few of our common friends we all were on it. I think it was the first one in Mumbai. Arunaji from Gujarat was our teacher. The intensity was increasing as each day progressed. I had decided I will be repeating this course at the earliest, to be able to assimilate its intensity.

            One of the partcipants took permission to go to his house for a while and come back. We all were surprised at his courage to even ask for a break in DSN course!? He looked very happy after he returned. The course got over and he shared his experience.

            "I went home to see if my mother was alright. She had just got discharged from the hospital after a serious illness and nobody was at home. To my surprise she scolded me for taking a break from the course and said, "A man in white robes and long hair and beard came and gave me medicines. I am fine. You focus on your course, come on go asap." " There were tears in his eyes as he narrated this.

            The power of the grace is infinite. And the Guru's grace is with us every moment. By the end of the course I too had realised that nothing is impossible. "I am the power!"

            Next month I repeated the DSN with BAWA!!! An interesting story about that DSN I can tell you only sitting with you face to face, bcoz its kind of a secret ;-)

            Well, 10 years later I conducted a DSN in Delhi - Oct 2009. Here is an interesting video snapshot:

            Jai Gurudev

            Thursday, March 11, 2010

            Mesmerising moments in the mystical DEVbhoomi - RISHIKESH

            It was 1st March, the day of Holi, we were driving from Delhi to Rishikesh.
            The waters of Ganga on either sides of the highway, sounds of manjiras (cymbals), fading sound of one arti getting drowned into another, chants of Om Namaha Shivaya, Har Har Mahadeo, Jai Mata Di, gentle traces of incense, hoardings and photos of various saints, munis, gurus, people wrapped in saffron, white, yellow; faces decorated with chandan, kumkum, ad hearts adorned with devotion; the piousness of Har-ki-Paudhi, Haridwar endearingly welcomes you to begin with and then absorbs you in itself. One cant but feel the purity and sacredness of this place.

            We had the news that Guruji had arrived in the Art of Living Kumbh Mela Camp and the Rudrapuja had already begun. With hurried steps we walked towards the enclosure and as we entered this was our first glimpse of the Master:

            Very content with having clicked the above snap I closed my eyes to meditate. The pandal was resonating with the rudrapuja chants by a few north indian pandits. I must admit, that since so used to our ashram puja, it took me a while to glide into meditation.

            Even as the bhajans were being sung and Guruji was performing the last few rituals, Ramdevji entered and went straight up on stage with great zeal with gulal and other colors not only in his hand but all over him! What happened on stage is an exciting rocking story in itself. More about that in the next post ;-)

            In the evening Guruji performed the Ganga arti at Har-ki-Paudhi

            There were easily more than 5000 people. Lots of people who were there sat wherever they found place to take a glimpse of compassion incarnate Sri Sri.

            Dudham Samarpayami...

            After this all of us left for Rishikesh. Rishikesh has, not only the piousness of Hardiwar, but is pregnant with a distilled silence which beckons you to dive into that vast ocean of stillness within yourself, where the hills seem like gods and goddesses waiting to shower blessings upon you and the waters of the ganges appear to be carrying the nectar from Lord Shiva himself, where the winds bring sattva and the gentle breeze on the river banks overwhelms you with its soothing touch which reminds one of the love one feels when the divine glances of Guruji glide onto you with a twinkle of mischief in the eyes that seem to saying in a subtle but affirmatively reassuring tone, "I am in you as you, you are in me as me; I belong to you and you to me, so just be and know that you are loved, thats BEloved."

            Tuesday, February 23, 2010

            Are you stuck in HOW?

            Often we are bothered by questions like:

            How can I drop my guilt?

            How can I overcome my fear?

            How should I tell her I love her?

            How should I confess that I was lying to him all these days?

            How should I get rid of my shyness?

            How can I make more friends?

            How to sit in vajrasan for longer time?

            How can I reduce my sleep?

            How do I quit smoking?

            Well, well, well... My dear, as long as you are going to keep thinking how to do it, you are never going to do it! Just DO it. I tell you JZZDOIT. There is no other way.

            If you are stuck in the HOW?
            You will lose the NOW.
            Just DROP the HOW and
            Experience the WOW!

            How is it? Makes sense? Liked it?
            Dumbo again you got stuck in HOW!! Drop the how and implement it. JZZDOIT

            Wednesday, February 10, 2010

            YES!+ DSN @ Goa, 5-9Feb'10

            Hats off to Dr. Hema and Vaidehi for setting up YES!+ in Goa so well.

            For Hema to make trips from Bangalore and for Vaidehi to keep visiting Panaji, Ponda etc while studying in Margao (MBA 2nd yr), I am sure must not have been easy. They have built a very good team in Goa.

            A TEDx talk by Goa in BITS, a Sahaj Samdhi course by Bawa&Dinesh and a better parenting workshop (which I ended up conducting) in Margao and a YES!+ DSN by me; all this in a span of 5 days!

            Saturday, January 9, 2010

            My New Camera

            I am still quite excited about my new camera

            Nikon Coolpix (P90), 12.1 MPxl, 24x Zoom

            Here are some pics I am proud of:

            Thats a Kurta button, notice the clarity in the cloth

            Sunrise, overlooking from Mahavir Hall, Vishalakshi Mantap, Ashram, Bangalore

            No, its not from our Satellite, its a pic of our satellite very much from our earth.

            The below pic was taken a minute before the above pic

            The Glory of the Sun and Moon cannot match the glory of our naughty sweet Master.

            This was how he made his entry in the Winter Break 09 on 2nd Jan before lunch and won 1382 hearts instantly!