Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Are you stuck in HOW?

Often we are bothered by questions like:

How can I drop my guilt?

How can I overcome my fear?

How should I tell her I love her?

How should I confess that I was lying to him all these days?

How should I get rid of my shyness?

How can I make more friends?

How to sit in vajrasan for longer time?

How can I reduce my sleep?

How do I quit smoking?

Well, well, well... My dear, as long as you are going to keep thinking how to do it, you are never going to do it! Just DO it. I tell you JZZDOIT. There is no other way.

If you are stuck in the HOW?
You will lose the NOW.
Just DROP the HOW and
Experience the WOW!

How is it? Makes sense? Liked it?
Dumbo again you got stuck in HOW!! Drop the how and implement it. JZZDOIT

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

YES!+ DSN @ Goa, 5-9Feb'10

Hats off to Dr. Hema and Vaidehi for setting up YES!+ in Goa so well.

For Hema to make trips from Bangalore and for Vaidehi to keep visiting Panaji, Ponda etc while studying in Margao (MBA 2nd yr), I am sure must not have been easy. They have built a very good team in Goa.

A TEDx talk by Goa in BITS, a Sahaj Samdhi course by Bawa&Dinesh and a better parenting workshop (which I ended up conducting) in Margao and a YES!+ DSN by me; all this in a span of 5 days!