Wednesday, February 10, 2010

YES!+ DSN @ Goa, 5-9Feb'10

Hats off to Dr. Hema and Vaidehi for setting up YES!+ in Goa so well.

For Hema to make trips from Bangalore and for Vaidehi to keep visiting Panaji, Ponda etc while studying in Margao (MBA 2nd yr), I am sure must not have been easy. They have built a very good team in Goa.

A TEDx talk by Goa in BITS, a Sahaj Samdhi course by Bawa&Dinesh and a better parenting workshop (which I ended up conducting) in Margao and a YES!+ DSN by me; all this in a span of 5 days!


Dalit said...

The goa beaches are so good. THis shivaratri I found this blog and became awakened.

Good leela of Guruji in this website. Also not just guruji our teachers the rishis and swamis are also following in gurujis footsteps.

Jai Gurudev

Akshar said...

nice to see smarth in the front row, right; he was in gurgaon yes+ also in Dec. 2008

supriya said...

very nice pic bhaiya.