Friday, September 17, 2010

BLESSING : A Glimpse of the GRACE !!

" When your mind is calm and serene, it becomes like a laser beam. Then you get the power to bless. "

As a Blesser, I have witnessed many stories of Grace. This one is also Special like every other story :)
I was in Delhi when one day an Elderly lady came to me to take blessings for her ill Grandson. Her 5 year old Grandson was having loose motions and because of the criticality of the case was admitted in Hindurao Hospital. He was on drip for the past 15 days.
She had not done any Art of Living course. But she asked me to Bless her. She took the Blessings and went home.
After 2 days she came home and told me that all the reports of her Grandson were completely fine. She was amazed as just 2 days before there were no signs of recovery. And just not this, on the 3rd day he was discharged from the Hospital.

" Where Nothing works.., Grace surely Works !! "
Jai Gurudev :)

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suvidha said...

Mesmerized vd unltd. Infinite Guru Grace.....:)..