Thursday, September 9, 2010

What we Learnt and Forgot...The Germans Retaught !!!

Since our childhood we have been reading that digestion starts the moment we start chewing food. It is wrong. Rather it starts the moment we touch the food.

As soon as we touch it, signals through the nerve ends at the tip of the fingers are sent to our digestive system regarding the type of food. And then the digestive system accordingly does the juice secretion. It is like preparing the system for the food. But using spoons for eating we completely eliminate the first stage of digestion. Whenever you eat using spoon, complete digestion will NEVER happen.
This beautiful knowledge was given by Guruji.

When I was in Germany, I was completely fed up of the German food (only potatoes and sandwiches). So, we all (some of my foreign friends) decided to go to an Indian Restaurant. We ordered Paneer butter masala, dal makhani, parantha. The order sounded perfect but when I saw them eating it, I was Horrified. They would take one spoon of rice, then one spoon of Dal makhani, then one of Paneer butter masala. Then they would cut the parantha with knife and fork and eat a piece. "You are insulting the Indian food" , I told them.
They all looked confused. So I decided to teach them. " Come on ! Break that parantha..Dip it in the Butter masala..Put it in your mouth..And if anything leaks out (chances are High)..dont worry just Lick !! ". They were not much comfortable about the idea :)
Sabse bada rog kya kahenge log ;). But when i told them about the scientific explanation of using hands given by Guruji, they dropped their spoons at once and ate with hands.

It was a big thing for people who have been  eating using spoons since the past 20-25 years and who have seen others also do the same only. It was a big thing doing it in a country where touching food is considered Uncivilised and Unhygienic. But they did it.
Good lesson for we Indians who have started dropping our own cultural values in exchange of some foolish trends. Knowing the Science behind the Spirituality will really help in getting back to those values :)
Jai Gurudev..


kapilsaini said...

Jgd bhaiya, it is very nice......please do post regularly...sometimes we read blogs as knowledge session after weekly Satsang or Follow up...

kriti said...

*wink wink.. keep postin regularly.. we feel u r still here wid us.. jgd

Mona Agarwal said...

wow....dis was amazing...really great bhaiya!! deepika