Friday, November 26, 2010

Whats happening in the TTC @ German Ashram

Hearts are melting in the fire of Love,

Minds are evolving in the sattva of Sadhana,
Egos are dissolving in the ocean of Grace,
Their consciousness is being awakened in the light of this Knowledge and

Their Self is radiating the presence of the Guru.

--Witnessing the Magic unfolding wonder after wonders, Aho Niranjano!
Jai Gurudev!!!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Why to do Sadhana, Seva and Satsang?

All that the Mind wants is Attention and Pampering;
All that the Ego wants is Importance and Praise;
All that the Heart wants is Love and Care.

When you are grounded in Sadhana (Spiritual practices), Seva (service - action without any expectation) and Satsang (living the knowledge), you are able to drop the wants of YOUR mind, ego and heart. Then you become sensitive to the Minds, Egos and Hearts around you and you know exactly when to give what to whom :-).

And when a person gets all the three from you, the person is yours. Then you have won the belongingness, trust and surrender of that person.
[All aspiring/existing Art of Living teachers/leaders, do you get the tip?]

Friday, November 12, 2010

Guilt & Conflicts

Q: Ummm.. Thr is one thng i greatly regret about.. I hv acceptd my mistake, still it comes in mind n hurts me agn aftr a whil.. Its deep rooted in my heart...How can i get rid of it?
A: A scholar in a village who was jealous of Gautam Buddha, went and spat on his face and Buddha just kept smiling, untouched and unaffected, and when he later went to Buddha for forgiveness, Buddha said, "I cannot forgive because the person who spat and the person asking for forgiveness are not the same. And there is no chance I will meet him ever. And the person on who he spat is not the same as the person standing in front of you now and there is no chance you will meet him ever." Everything is changing.

Just focus on the priority things in your life like your career etc. Move ahead dude.

And I am not telling you to run away from your unpleasant feelings, just go through it, welcome it, do not resist it. Whatever your resist will persist :-) And my dear MRI, you seem so confident its deep rooted in your heart??!! Even the best heart surgeons in AIIMS are not as confident as you about what is deep rooted in the heart...ha ha. Like an atom, the negativity is only on the periphery, and at the root, at the center there is only positivity. So relax. Do seva and meditate deeper to get in touch with the love, innocence and peace that you are.

And by the way, have you apologized to the person, if any, who suffered because of your mistake?

Q: Many times there are conflicts in our volunteer team, inspite of the fact that all of us are working for a common goal.
A: Conflicts can't be avoided. Similarly belongingness also can't be avoided. Its human nature. Just focus on the belongingness and it will grow.


Friday, November 5, 2010

The mind is like a child

Today I went shopping with Deepak and his two kids in REWE, the departmental store close to his house in Berlin.

Whatever attracted the eyes of the kids, they wanted to have it. They cried and persuaded their dad for a few seconds to buy it, and when he would firmly deny, they would simply accept and drop it.

Sometimes they would still continue and try their luck, but when they would be denied even strongly they would drop it and move ahead till something else tempted their senses.

The promises of pleasure that the mind comforts itself with are so momentary, so fleeting and it keeps jumping onto whatever seems to assure it some satisfaction! Its like wooing a hungry dog by waving a bone or a biscuit.

When will this hankering end? When will this seeking end? When will this running after something end?

When the outward journey of the mind away from the self stops and the inward journey begins and the mind comes home to the abode of the self; exactly like a child, even after being denied all that it cried for, it feels the real comfort when it comes out of the shop and holds the hand of its mom and on reaching home jumps into her lap. That's home.

"Abiding in the SELF is YOGA." --Rishi Patanjali

So stop seeking, just relax, drop everything and chill within.



Thursday, November 4, 2010


VAPIANO is an Italian Restaurant Chain. Had dinner today at the Vapiano in Hamburg.

A unique ambience, brilliant food, extremely cool seating arrangement.

The above pic has been clicked from the road. The tree you see is inside the restaurant planted in a big rectangular hole right in the middle of a big square table around which there are chairs where we sat and had our food. 

A huge menu just above the ordering place, looks like a big blackboard with the drawings and text done with chalk. This gives it a very informal, innocent and unique flavour.

Below is the pic of one of the tables, the two big mushroom shaped things you see are lamps and the small plants you see are basil and some other leaves which can be eaten with the food. Directly plucking from the garden and placing it on bread or your pizza and with a few drops of olive oil on it, gives a naturally nourishing experience. Brilliant concept

I ordered for a Rucola Ravioli pasta and Bruchetta pizza. Was delicious. Another khasiyat (speciality) of this place is that when you place your order, the cook changes his gloves, takes a fresh pan and puts the ingredients in front of you and cooks your pasta, cool na :-)

And after having eaten Sambar Rice, Tofu, and Curd Rice for lunch @ 4pm and then dinner @ 9pm at Vapiano, it took us a 1 hour walk to feel light enough to go to bed. But I did not go to bed and instead wrote this, and though I still cannot feel the sleep in my eyes, I can definitely feel your mouth watering already ;-)

PS: On our walk back, we saw a 3 layer cake priced 1250 Euros!!!