Friday, November 5, 2010

The mind is like a child

Today I went shopping with Deepak and his two kids in REWE, the departmental store close to his house in Berlin.

Whatever attracted the eyes of the kids, they wanted to have it. They cried and persuaded their dad for a few seconds to buy it, and when he would firmly deny, they would simply accept and drop it.

Sometimes they would still continue and try their luck, but when they would be denied even strongly they would drop it and move ahead till something else tempted their senses.

The promises of pleasure that the mind comforts itself with are so momentary, so fleeting and it keeps jumping onto whatever seems to assure it some satisfaction! Its like wooing a hungry dog by waving a bone or a biscuit.

When will this hankering end? When will this seeking end? When will this running after something end?

When the outward journey of the mind away from the self stops and the inward journey begins and the mind comes home to the abode of the self; exactly like a child, even after being denied all that it cried for, it feels the real comfort when it comes out of the shop and holds the hand of its mom and on reaching home jumps into her lap. That's home.

"Abiding in the SELF is YOGA." --Rishi Patanjali

So stop seeking, just relax, drop everything and chill within.




vinay said...

Jai gurudev!! Sir, I like your post very much. I am asking one question here please reply. I am vinay final year engg. student from delhi. I am going to complete my in 4 month. I have no desire to do job. I want to be full time volunteer in AOL after my graduation. Well, i have done part-1,yes+ ,Yes++,3 adv course, 1 dsn(with bawa). It is my deepest desire to be instrument of GURUJI. But don't how to be? And my family background is financially weak. Would i able to help my family financially after joining full time volunteer in AOL. I hope i will get best information from you. :)) JAI GURUDEV!!

suvidha said...

Loved loved loved it!! practical!!...each moment s indeed stuffed vd tremendous knowldg!...:)

jai gurudev bhaia.:)
happy bhaiadooj!!.;)

Anjesh Thakur said...


Saleel@Y+D said...

Dear Vinay,

You should become financially stable before going full time.

However, you could start preparing for TTC, in guidance and mentorship from some Art of Living teacher, who you can work with for the next few months.

Love & Jai Gurudev

vinod said...

I really loved this example...
Jai Gurudeva

Arjun Sehgal said...

Hello Bhaiya.....apki batt aur usse kehene ka dhang always makes me think and think is this time.....