Monday, May 16, 2011

"SaagaR me ek LehaR Uthi TerE NaaM Ki" :)

In your presence, all my problems just seem to vanish and automatically a smile appears on my face. Your warmth and love makes me feel that I am the most special person on this earth.
You have inspired me to give my 100% in basketball and I am very thankful to you for that.
I love your sense of humor, your acting, singing and the way you talk to people.
You are a true inspiration bhaiya. I would love to imbibe all these qualities from you and become a better person in life.
- Chinmayee, Delhi

 You have helped me find out what I want in my life.I have learned a lot from you. But these two are my 'Special' learnings. Never do anything to escape from the situation rather face it. Follow your passion and more than following your passion, follow that thing which is made for you. For me, you are a friend, mentor, Guru. I love you. Thanks for being there darling. :)
- Arjun, Delhi
Bhaiya, you are so generous in sharing the knowledge you have. Very down to earth.
You not only spread Guruji's knowledge but also believe in the empowerment of all the volunteers and teachers on this path.  I have learned a lot of things from each and every action of yours..
Carrying that great amount of energy and enthusiasm all the time, to be able to Smile in all sorts of situations, how not to be a football of others as well as our own opinions but on top of everything I learned how to have faith in the Guru and His Knowledge. :)
May you continue to make people around you happier n happier.. :))
- Advait Deshpande, Auranagabad

Saleel words for you. :)
I am lucky that I got you as my teacher, Guru. For me, you are my first Guruji. You are the only and only person who gave compliment to my smile and I was like out of this world. :D You have made my life more beautiful and colorful. Aapse jab bhi milti hu duniya ki sari khushiyan paas aa jati hai. :)
You very special for me. May you get all the happiness in his life.
Happy Birthday Bhaiya :)
- Komal, Delhi

I feel so grateful how you have been guiding me in every aspect of my life. You are one person who acknowledges and supports my 'out of box' ideas :P..One thing which I can never forget is how you just said yes when I asked you for the Vrindavan trip. You rock Bhaiya!! :)
- Bharat, Delhi

Bhaiya, you are simply the best.Days spent with u were the and will always be the best days of my life. Your one smile takes away all my problems. Your presence is like an Aura. You have given a new meaning to my life. The thing which I admire about you the most is 'Your true dedication towards the Divine and your immense care for everyone'. :)
Lots of love,
- Simran, Delhi

Saleel Bhaiya and Me.. Feels like we have spent lives together. You were my first D.S.N. teacher, an instrument in bringing out the Lion in this mouse. Though we haven't spoken with each other much, but I can feel that you know everything about me. You taught me to Love everyone and I Love you for this. The best part of Art of Living I have met so far. In fact, I see you as a volunteer making many teachers out of volunteers.Wish you love and happiness on your birthday :)
- Aditya, Mumbai

I just wish to add a line which saleel bhaiya said to me , " Abhaav aur
Prabhaav mein Swabhaav mein antar nahi aana chahiye"

Thats what I've learnt and still learning from him :) :)
- Swati Gupta, Delhi

When you suddenly ping me and write on chatbox , 'tu kaisa hai?', transcendence from mind to heart happens spontaneously! Then I wonder for the next 5 minutes how to reply back! Bhaiya you are the only person I have ever proposed except my mommy n sister :) Love you bhaiya (doing it again!!).. I am too lucky for having known you!!! Thank you Guruji for that. Happy b'day Bhaiya!!! Keep blessing us!!!
- Nihar, Delhi

 Saleel Bhaiya.. Just one word for you. You are "Love!!"
- Hemul, Delhi

Even the combination of a million words from the 26 letters can't describe who and what Saleel bhaiya is for me.. Ladder to the Guru. Embodiment of Love, radiating immense peace and warmth.. even more than the lap of the mother does!! Touch as deep and velvety soft as that of the Master. One smile and I am back to the source.. Deeply, madly, highly Grateful to have a gifted Mother's presence in my life... :)
- Suvidha, Delhi

I have learned to live joyfully, morally from you and I feel the harmony in every moment of my life since you came in my life. Whenever I feel miserable, I remember your smile and suddenly I get the confidence to face any problem. Just like an umbrella can't stop the rain but gives us the confidence to stand in the rain, you, my mentor have played such a role in my life.
Wish you many many happiest and glorious moments ahead. Happy birthday dada...... :)
Jeyashree Ramanujan, Akola

For me, you are not a are presence, His presence :).. Your being there in my life reminds me of the Love, Knowledge I have been blessed with and not to forget, the Unlimited Grace !! :) In your presence, the 'Real' empowerment happens :D. Awareness shoots up, talents come up and so much more ;).. You don't make volunteers. You make Devotees :) Readily available like a Mother, you are. Your level of belongingness and the sense of sharing inspires me.. You are living the master's words :)
- Anjesh, Delhi

You look like baby Ganesha . Your presence exudes warm and comforting Love . Truly the cutest,the wisest and the most Pious teacher for us.
When I think of you, I get reminded of a  free ,warm air balloon flying in deep ecstasy and in the secret company of the air around it  in the sky Above
Hope you get more divine every moment :)
- Neha Bhagat, Delhi

Bhaiya you have been and you are an inspiration every minute. I have learned a lot from you! You carry such amazing Guru energy. Its a pleasure to be in your presence. The time spent with you has been amazing. I am so grateful to have u in my life. It is so much fun sharing knowledge, guru stories with you!! You are my inspiring ANGEL!!
Love u loads!!....
yours "makhan"..."kiddo"
(Madhvi, Delhi)

" When you can see the whole world through the eyes of the Master, it is a sign that you have come to the Master..!"


simran said...

Happy bday my dearest bhaiya..luv u..

mayuri said...

I LUV U Dada... I guess that says it all... Thnx for being in ma lyf.... Jai Gurudev..!!!

mayuri said...
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ravi said...

happy birthday bhiya...jgd...

rahul said...

Loved the last comment and Pic..!! Simply amazing..!!

Happy Birthday Bhaiya

nidhi said...

Dearest Salil Bhaiyya...jgd..many many happy returns of the day..u r the best teaches any disciple can ever desire..lucke to have found you..thanks for being there..

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Abhinav Jain said...

Happy Birthday Bhaia :-)!!! Wish you were in Delhi and we had a Great Party!

Jai Gurudev

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tanvi said...

Happy Birthday Bhaiya....your presence make all my worries vanish...luv u bhaiya

Parul Khurana said...

Happy Birthday Bhaiya..!! You have been an embodiment of inspiration & love for me :) I experience being completely in the present moment only at two times- while meeting Guruji & while talking to you :) Keep shining as a star in our lives..always :) Many Many happy returns of the day ! love you

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Life :) Full and Empty said...

happy birthday

Mona Agarwal said...

Bhaiya rocks!!as always....:) :)