Friday, May 13, 2011

Sri Sri as I know Him :-)

This incident happened about a few years back when Guruji was in Narayana Hall, the old side of Art of Living Bangalore ashram, conducting a session for teachers, just after the Navratri Celebrations. All doors and windows had been closed while the session was going on and it was all jam packed inside.

Suddenly a lady who was late for the session and couldn't manage to get inside called out to Guruji and said "Guruji, andar walo ko bahar bhejo mujhe andar aana hai.."

Guruji with a wink in his eyes replied, "Main bhi to tumse kabse yahi keh raha hun."

When you are Hollow and Empty, you give a chance to the Divine to fill you up.

Fill you up with? With beauty and bliss!!

Jgd :-)


Priyanka said...

Wow!Lovely Guru story!

looking within said...

soooo beautiful:-D

simran said...

Jus luvd it..woww..beautiful meaning of hollow n empty..:-):-):-)

G.Suvetha said...

What a spontaneity !!
So simple & so meaningful !!

Jai Gurudev !!

shivangi said...

all are very knowledgable
when we ar in knowledge....then we understood completely!!!!!
jai gurudev