Wednesday, May 4, 2011

YES!+ Delhi's Trip to Vrindavan with Saleel Bhaiya :)

The Vrindavan trip had something special about it. The way it got organized and the way things unfolded without any plan whatsoever, was wonderful to witness.

Here is how Anjesh has described it.

All of a sudden at 9 in the night, we, the 'Super-Enthusiastic' YES!+ volunteers planned a trip to Vrindavan the very next morning at 6. Bharat and Swati Gupta took the charge of organising the entire trip and they did an outstanding job. There were in all, 18 bright smiles (Neha, Bharat, Swati, Anjesh, Sonal, Mukul, Varun, Sanjana, Simran, Vrinda, Yajur, Tripra, Sajida, Richa, name a few) and 1 brightest smile (Saleel bhaiya's) going in a cute little mini-bus. And another bright smile(Sanampreet) was following  on a bike. We started playing Antakshri to begin with...Saleel bhaiya found it more noisy than musical and asked us to play Dumb-cherades and then the game was taken to levels unheard of. That is, we played Shabdakshri, guessing the tune, singing one song's words in other song's tune. And it was real Fun!!

We were all having a great time until the driver told us that the tyre had got punctured. We were already late considering the fact that the Baanke Bihari mandir closes darshan at 12noon. But after happily accepting the situation we got down at a dhaba. There was this 'KooL' bamboo lounge where we regained our energies after some photo sessions :D

Journey resumed.We took a single auto for the mandir and 16 of us sat IN it and 2 sat ON it ;-).

We reached Baanke Bihari mandir but it was already 12:30pm. So we could not get Darshan of the deity and had to satisfy ourselves with the experience of Krishna inside us. The entire environment inside the mandir was so pure and meditative. Saleel bhaiya started the satsang with a vey beautiful Krishna bhajan and even more beautiful Krishna bhajans followed..People started singing along. After 15 - 20 minutes of meditative satsang, we went for a Lassi Treat :)
Lassi with lots of kesar, I had never tasted before. It was super-duper duper-super tasty ;)

After the mini treat and lunch and wandering in the galiya where Krishna spent his childhood, we boarded our cute little mini-bus for Dilli :)
While returning back we had this exclusive 'Expression Photoshoot' where in everybody was supposed to make the specified expression for the click.

Battisi :D



And yes..hats off to Sanampreet who managed the entire trip to Vrindavan on his bike :)

After returning, I was wondering that though we did not get the darshan it still did not matter to us ;) because the journey we made wasn't for any goal or destination.

As Guruji says, "The Goal is in the moment. The Goal is where you are!!"

Love u Bhaiya.

Jai Gurudev
Anjesh :)


Advait said...

nicely written by Anjesh...
good to see Swati after a long time enjoyin wid everyone..
And Saleel Da, you look younger in those 2 inches longer hair...:)

suvidha said...

Superbly described ...& mesmerising ...:)...:)

Deepak said...

Best part of the trip I can feel is Saleel bhaiya on the top of the auto rikshaw :-)) Loved it...

kriti said...

a "trip" wid bhaiya.. i cn undrstand vo kya hogi :D
pics say it all.. :) :)

All Smiles said...

Simply reading about the trip is so pleasurable, I feel fortunate to have been the lucky ones to be a part of it! amazing time we had!

And AD(Advait), after jaipur mahashivratri trip, vrindavan trip too was great!! :) :)

Rana said...

I always wonder how people can be so careless. You are going to a place without a goal leave alone achieving it. It's like you went to Lord Krishna's home and came back without meeting Him. And you have no regrets.
The yatras to Dhams should be saturated with devotion to the Lord. The journey towards Vrinadavan should be spent longing to see(meet) the Lord and the return journey in the mood of separation. This was more or less a picnic in the bus with a stop in a place called Vrindavan.
You all missed a chance to take advantage of your good fortune of visiting Vrindavan dham. Try to develop the mood next time you visit.