Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My first poem

Nature, God and Me

Flower, flower rose flower,
Who made you so beautiful?
Looking at you, the love in me stirs,
You make me feel so full.

Tree, tree banyan tree,
Who made you so huge and endless with care?
Looking at you, I feel, I too must share,
You bring out the life in me.

Sky, sky blue sky,
Who made you infinite?
Looking at you takes me inside,
You make me wonder, Who am I? Who am I?!

Well, this poem was written by me in 3 minutes, in a desperate attempt to complete my HW (sitting in class when the others were reading out their's :-) ), while attending the NOVICE TTC last week in the Ashram in Bengaluru.

Love n Jai Gurudev

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Rajesh Kumar Yadav said...

bhaiya !!!!! u are lovely poet....

Bhumidev said...

Love towards the nature..Great poem !!!