Tuesday, May 20, 2008

मराठी बाणा

मराठी बाणा
बर्याच दिव्सान पासून हे बघायच राहिल होत
Its a stage show. Yday we saw it finally at Kalidas Mulund.
What a brilliant presentation of Marathi folk music and dance, of marathi culture and tradition, the heritage of Maharashtra. Its a must see even for non-Marathi speaking people staying in Maharashtra.
It was sheer energy and intensity. Wish we had taken some pics.

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shilpa said...

just curious how regularly are u going to be filling in the posts?
u knw what Bau does when he is in a mood to write he write as many articles as he feels and then times their posting so the articles appeare at regular intervals..........
p.s. even im attempting on tregularising on this front