Monday, May 19, 2008

My first ANR in Jaipur

Guruji had cooled down Jaipur even before I reached there. 2 days before I reached there were light showers and drizzles. And the day I reached there was heavy rain with thunder and lightning.

Had an OSIM (read awesome) - that's how it was written in the feedback sheet: osim satsang. Just two bhajans, but it rocked.

The volunteer team led by Upasana had put up an excellent effort with super commitment. In the scorching heat of 45 degree Celsius, roaming in the afternoon giving talks and collecting registrations requires greater degrees of dedication!

Seeing Upasana, not only guide and lead the team in every way but also work at the grass root level, was truly inspiring.

Canvassing at 11 pm outside the cricket stadium after the IPL match was one of the highlights. Man of the match was VIPUL - you have to talk to him, better still meet him.

For security reasons the course could not happen. But I am sure this is the first course in the entire AOL tenure for which we have 475 fully paid registrations 3 months in advance!!! (UTSAV Jaipur has been rescheduled to 28 Aug' 08)

Jai Gurudev

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