Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hibernated in Satva

Hellooo.. everyone! So with that previous post (about Guruji in New York), I am back on the blog after a long hibernation. One month in the ashram in Bangalore was a 'knowledge-thirst' quenching and a 'satvik-soaking' experience.

Though I was all set to be on the YES!+ Advance course from 18 June, I decided to pull out and be with Bawa and Dinesh in the organising of the upcoming first ever YES!+ TTC. Basically it was an excuse to spend time with them, having retained the freedom to talk (avoided the silence of advance course ;-) ). Though I didn't do much, just being with them and observing them steer, engineer, alter, enhance, fine tune, improvise, guide and finally conduct the TTC was a great learning.

It was very gratifying to watch 111 young stalwarts emerge stronger and confident to take on the challenge of empowering the youth at large.

Late night feedback and planning discussions, sudden changes, running noses (mine even had clots due to excessive sneezing and blowing), sore throats, intense padmasadhanas, 'daanto-and-jhhaado' sessions, new range of sounds - with a tone of 'please have mercy' from Rashmins larynx (when tickled on the first three ribs), Bawas mouth watering recipes, Bawas magic tricks and Western Classical Music appreciation workshop, Bawas Mathemagic, Dinesh's wake up calls and leg massages, late night football with Dinesh and early morning stories with Vishwas bhaiya (which started late night) were amongst the other highlights.

With so much action, energy and satva packed in me I had a strong feeling, rather intuition, that the Aurangabad YES!+ course is going to rock! And what a BLAST it was!!! Highlights of that in the next better get ready for some fasten your belts and hold your breath............well.....doesn't matter, just let go and watch your breath, thats fine enough :-).


Harsha Vardhan M.V said...

nice post bhaiyya!

vernika said...

bahiya u organise courses every where plz try to organise a course in my city too

vivek barun said...

jgd bhaiya,
it would be nice if you could add an RSS feedburner in your blog.
Its much easier to keep informed that way.