Thursday, January 22, 2009

Session with Bawa-n-Dinesh in Delhi on 21Jan'09

I am sure it must have happened sometime in your life, you are walking on the street, just passing a cake shop, and you slow down wondering whether you should give in to the temptation and indulge, you have almost decided not to, and a gentle breeze parcels a whiff of sweet aromatic air right into your nose! You almost taste the black forest with cherries or a wlanut almond or a pineapple watermelon with roasted cashew toppings....yuummmmm....Now you are left with no choice. In the next couple of minutes you are walking out of the shop licking the melting chocolate off your fingers :-)

Bawa and Dinesh visited Delhi for a couple of days and all of the above happened, metaphorically and actually too! And their session on the 21st evening was like that - a gentle whiff packed with a lot of goodies.

Bawa said Guruji explained dispassion beautifully. He said, a desire to have any pleasurable experience springs up when you see or hear something about it. This desire or craving is called 'Trishna'. For e.g. till you have not heard about Bali, you had no desire to visit Bali.

Not giving in to the Trishna is 'Vairagya' (dispassion).

As we grow up our desires get mature and refined.

1. My dad has threatened me that if I go for the upcoming YES!+ in Simla, then I will have to leave him and my house for ever. I have already paid and registered. What should I do?

Bawa: Wow, thats great! Just say good bye and go to Simla. (laughter in the audience) If your dad really doesnt take you back home, then go to the ashram and do seva :-). Tell him when you feel like calling me back, just call me, ok, byeeee, Jai Guurdev ;-). Dont ask for permission from your dad, just tell him I am going and ask for blessings. Tell him that he has given you such good upbringing, which has made you capable of making the right decisions. Tell him there is nothing more I can ask from you dad, as you have already given me everything. The only thing you can give me now is blessings... (applause).

2. My mom becomes emotional and throws tantrums and blackmails me saying she will not talk to me if I do seva and do AOL activities.

Bawa: Never give in to the emotional blackmail of parents. Know that they love you intensely so they behave like that. Most of them do not have experience of hard core seva, so they do not understand the significance and depth of what you are doing.

Bau said you are so lucky you have parents who protest, who take so much interest in your life, who are bothered about you, who care to bother about you. Not every parent does that.

So when your parents crib, just feel grateful.

I forgot a few things, there were lot of rip-roaring laughter moments.

Bau made it sound so light and yet so profound when he said that may be Guruji has asked Delhi YES!+ to do the 1 lac people March on 28th Feb against terrorism and corruption ( just to keep the volunteers busy or maybe it could lead to a very powerful transformation of our country.

And then Bau shared some funny and touchy Guru stories. I am not going tom take the effort to type all that. You missed it.

Love, Jai Gurudev


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u praise very nicely and beautifully saleel bhaiyya !!! :)

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wow dispassion is so wonderfully explained by bau

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DSN...... A Superb Xperience... mch More dan an army Training.!!!!!;)