Wednesday, January 21, 2009

YES!+ Adda @ Delhi

Friends I am back on the blog after a long winter break. The YES!+ team here in Delhi is growing and warming up to unleash itself on the city to launch a fiery awakening... ATAC.

On the 28th Feb 2009, 1 lac people will march together and gather at The Boat Club or Rajghat (one of these two venues will be finalized soon - both are of very high political significance) to voice out a unanimous message of Anti Terrorism & Anti Corruption (ATAC).

Guruji once had given a message for youth, "Masti ki Aag Bano!"

And a lot of masti is happening here.

For the last 2 days we the 'Nav Ratnas of Sri Sri' ( 9 YES!+ teachers) are staying together at Safdarjung Enclave. Avinash, Upasana, Vishal, Mandeep, Ram, Kapil, Pawan, Gauri Bhake and myself. However the top contender for the 'Masti ka Badshah' award is the ever enthusiastic super funny Ashish Tiku who is also staying with us.

Daybefore I did the YES!+ homework of 6th day of the something adventurous which you have never done before. Well, actually Ram and Kapil were completing the same homework...they were cooking dinner!!! And I ate it successfully. Guruji says, "Having an unshakable smile on your face, come what may, is success." Now, do you get why I mentioned in bold letters ...ate it successfully? :-) Well, it had actually turned out quite good as you can see below. The Aloo parathas were made by Kapil and the mix veg by Ram. When I told this to Bawa, he asked, "Could you even make out which was what?" ha ha.

I know it doesnt look yummy, and neither did it taste yummy. But for a first time performance it definitely was a courageous and successful effort. The aroma of sincerity and the taste of love was evident. Thanks Ram and Kapil, for rising up to the occassion and driving out starvation from the YES!+ Adda @Delhi by demonstrating your Stand-Up&Take-Action attitude.

Yesterday Ashish (nick named Dev Anand) surprised evryone at 1230 in the night. He made broccoli-mushroom-zuccini soup. It was simply EXCELLENT. The soup was garnished with stories of Bawa, Vinod Menon, Rishi Vidyadharji, Rishi Nityapragya, Dinesh bhaiya and your and my favourite 'Guru stories'. The last few morsels and drops were licked off the vessel and fingers at 2.20 am when we finally decided to say good night.

Love, Jai Gurudev


bhaw said...

AH! I like the butter ;-)

vemuri rahul said...

way to go!! what an article i think you are getting into the groove.. keep posting such energetic gems.!!:)

Vishesh Jain said...

nicely written bhaiyya !!!

Abhay Karnataki said...

haha ! lots of fun. feel like coming to YES!+ adda @ Delhi!

amol said...

what a fun! i enjoyed a lot....jai gurudev!

sagar said...

Gr8 bhaiya Deli madhe Dhamal suru aahe tar.. kash hum log bhi waha aap k sath hote..