Monday, March 16, 2009


Hello my dearest embodiments of love, enthusiasm and

So hows ur breath these days?

Surprised! Amused! ??

ppl ask about health, nobody asks about breath!


hows ur mind these days? Is it adding to the stress in
others minds or relieving them from it?

and hows ur intellect doing? r u finding reasons why
good things cannot happen OR r u finding ways to make
them happen

well, hows ur memory? is it clinging on to negative
events, or the memory of blessings is so strong that u
r sailing in an ocean of gratitude!

and ur ego? r u clinging on to me and mine and my
problems and my family and friends or is it vasudhaiva

and ur speech? is it ading to the noise in the
atmosphere and to the turbulence of feelings or is it
creating silence?

Hows ur presence these days? Does it radiate love,
enthusiasm and joy?

And hows ur :-) ? Is it spreading like wild fire on to
other faces?

And hows ur ....AWARENESS

Whats happening now? Whats happening NOW? NOW? NOW?

What r u doing sitting and smiling? Dont waste ur time
emailing, chatting and blogging, the whole humanity is waiting
for you, if only u can see and u have the will.

Hows ur body, fit enough? Then move it!

Good people keep thinking, they dont act!
Bad people dont think, they just act!
Its time to become BAD now, really really BAAAAAAD!!!

ha ha!

The parliamentary elections are approaching. Go and tell people they must vote and not treat the election day as a holiday. Email, chat and blog about this! Our country badly needs a change of power. The current government has done more bad than good. If the majority votes we will have a government that appeases the majority :-)

So to bring about a change, lets first BE THE CHANGE we want to see.

Jai Gurudev


sid said...

Wow! Now this post was really really wonderful :)

Yes, this time i am going to be the change! Will be voting for sure :)


ps Some posts are still due :)

sid said...

Amazing interview of Guruji :)

Ram JAIGURU DEV said...

dear sallu da u r the most sweetest u r my inspiration nice post we r coming soon to delhi

Akshar said...

wonderful post, bhaiya. By the way, can you please visit my blog and give a few comments.?