Monday, March 16, 2009

World Wide Ashtavakra Gita

We started something amazing today and I am dam excited about it.
Ashtavakra on Skype!!!

Nikhil Katuhria's residence in Ashok Vihar has become a haven for North Delhi YES!+ volunteers. In fact it has become the unofficial center for YES!+ activities in North Delhi. His family is also thoroughly enjoying the extra satva .... intimate midnight satsangs, early morning Guru pujas (8 am is early morning for me ;-) ), rudrapujas, extended padmasadhanas, frequent meditations in guruji's voice and guru stories of course. Ram, Kapil and myself have been staying here for more than a month now...and its not just the satvik and tasty delicacies cooked by aunty but also the warmth of the people in the house that has made us feel so much at home here.

As an honour and felicitation of Rohit Ranjan's TTC 2 call, we started Ashtavakra Gita sessions today morning. Other volunteers heard it from their homes by connecting with us on Skype. We have 2 from US...Tushar and Shabari, who even after 1 year of being in US are still struggling to organise a YES!+ intro talk, forget about organising a course :-).

We might allow a few more volunteers to join from tomorrow. You can get in touch with Rohit Ranjan (, +919999681752) asap...latest by tonight, if you wish to be a part of World Wide Ashtavakra Gita and thereby enlighten the Janaka in you!

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