Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cool it guys!

Lets cool down the planet. I just did it :-) You know how? By switching off 5 tube-lights. I have earned an E-COOL point for the day. What about you? Now pl dont tell me that you dont know whats an E-COOL point!!

Check out Bawa's superb article which got published and is amongst the top 3 featured articles on viewspaper.

Be sure you rate it highest so that you get to read more from bau-d-bau on popular websites.

Happy reading.


sid said...

Jgd Saleel Bhaiya :)

its so good to see ur posts so often these days...

i am just very happy..

and yes i don't know what 'E-Cool' i am just opening that website :)

Longing to meet you..

sid said...

Oh yes! You need to read this incase you haven't...

Some very very interesting stuff about Guruji :)