Saturday, April 11, 2009


No, I am not referring to His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, definitely not Mr. Manmohan Singh;-)

Embodiment of Excellence Mr. Vinod Menon, my TTC (Art of Living Teachers Training Course - Phase 1) teacher; and I take great pride for having done TTC with Vinod bhaiya.

I was lucky enough to meet him on Thu evening. Some snippets:

....Apply the spirit. Many times the mind, intellect, memory or ego come in the way of the objective of the spirit. For eg. If you want to meet another volunteer to discuss some seva project, the ego may say, he should come to me, why should I go to him? Excercise your awareness and make the intelligent choice of honouring the spiritual objective by overriding the objective of the ego.

Fri, 10 Apr, 12 noon...Vinodji was scheduled to conduct a session for YES!+. We were to finish showing a 20 min video 'Shashi Tharoor interviews Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on CNBC '. At 1150 am we were still struggling with the projector cable and laptop...when he arrived ..10 min before time!

He had won the 65 young hearts just by his mere presence and later even won their minds and spirits. Every 5 min, as the presentation followed, on why we should campaign in the upcoming elections, I was in more and more awe of him.

Perfection, skill, balance of intellect and emotion, unbiased, non-communal and apolitical nature, inspiration, leadership, mentoring, teaching, managing time, humour, youth appeal, wisdom, maturity, was all there in abundance, every moment of the 75 min he was there.

His Excellency, Vindoji surpassed all benchmarks of excellence.



We need an INDIAN FACE

10 Crore first time youth voters in India

We need to not only VOTE but also CAMPAIGN

You will become good LEADERS by leading...

You will become good COMMUNICATORS by communicating...

You will become good CAMPAIGNERS by campaigning...

We need to be aligned to BHARATIYA thoughts

We need to REJECT elegantly and CHOOSE intelligently

The ELECTIONS are no longer a POLITICAL issue, its an issue of PSYCHO-SOCIAL FAIRNESS (You must attend his talk to understand what he means by it).

In 2014, the one who is reading this should be contesting for the position of MP and hence we need to start preparing now, as this is our only opportunity to learn how to campaign.

Next 3 weeks we have to keep our other roles aside and assume this new ROLE of a CAMPAIGNER for the sake of our country, our people, our life, our freedom.

Saans lo, DHARM ke liye,

Saans chhodo, RASHTRA ke liye.

Jai Hind!

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Akshar said...

hi bhaiya! Vinod ji came to meet the Gurgaon group 2 days ago and shared with us all these thoughts. Thanks for sharing it on your blog.