Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Just couldnt resist writing about what I experienced a couple of hours back.

We heard Gurujis talk 'Your Nature is Gratefulness' of the Ashtavakra Gita series. It was awesome. Very subtle and profound and towards the end Guruji made us laugh so much I tell you. And in the end he told us to find reasons to be grateful.

The moment the talk got over Nitin (Nikhil Kathurias brother) played the slow Narayan....Narayan....Jai Govind Hare....., Narayan....Narayan....Jai Gopal Hare.....sung by Vikram. It was the recording of a satsang.

I have no words to express what that bhajan did to all of us. I was completely transported to the ashram. Feeling so grateful for Guruji, the way he has handled my life and given so much, for having filled my life with divinity, grace, faith and paramanand.

As the song was ending Vikram started Your Home is in my heart...!

Need I write any further?

Oh Guruji! Zarurat se jyada, aur samay se pehle, you give so much, I am not big enough to take!

Love you Guruji, ever gratefully yours,
Jai Gurudev
PS: Ever since Guruji has returned back to India (12th night) I am feeling his presence in me stronger. So fortunate!

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sid said...

Wow! Wonderful experience...