Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We reached to 1000 Delhites in 2 hrs

We went like this in the metro from Keshav Puram to Kashmere Gate to Rajiv Chowk and back. The response was very strong.

People were eyeing us as though we were celebrities (of corse we are), some looked with suspicion, some even with some fear and insecurity....may be they though we are the goons of the politicians or politicians of the goons ;-)

Some people even asked us who should we vote, we just said, we need a change!

Some asked us, who are you supporting? We said doesn't matter. You make your choice.

Some were cribbing, its not going to make any difference. Some were appreciating our efforts, some started arguing with us.

It was fun.

I realized even more strongly the extent and intensity of the apathy in the Indian educated masses about the Indian political scenario. Most people have given up hope. People have lost trust in governance, they are disgusted.

But I am determined to make a difference, and so can you.

VOTE and tell 10 others to VOTE, for a change.

All the best


sid said...


Fantastic to see that..

:) :)

Hope the efforts are paid for :)


Dinesh said...

salil dada you rock :) thats a awesome idea we have to come on road now enough is enough :)

Vishesh Jain said...

carry on bhaiyya

lots more people to cover ...

keep marching !!!

Jai GuruDev

Dalit said...

what a bunch off sorry cunts you are.