Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is the Present Government really secular, are we secularly secure?

Is the Present Government really secular, are we secularly secure?


·       When Madrasas are being shut down in Pakistan, the Indian Government is giving them CBSE status !! Is it not discouraging our Muslim brothers and sisters in getting secular education?


·        Our Government has given 25 lakh scholarships ONLY to minority students What sin have the majority done not to deserve these?  Why cannot poor students of all communities be given scholarships instead of only Muslim children?


·       Andhra Pradesh government under the direction from central government has closed down 28000 temples out of 36000 temples in last 5 years. In Vijaywada district alone of Andhra Pradesh 1600 churches have got opened in last 5 years. Why?


·       Christian population has increased from 9% to 19% in Andhra Pradesh. 75 lac Hindus have been converted in the last 5 years of Congress Rule in the state. The Congress Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Y Samuel Rajasekhara Reddy is himself a convert.


·        In Andhra Pradesh alone, the 85 percent of the temple revenues from The Tirupati Devasthanam – a whopping Rs. 3,100 crores – are transferred into the state exchequer, which then are freely spent on Muslim and Christian causes. Why?


·       The present government is building Haj terminals across all Indian airports whereas the Hindu pilgrimages are being taxed. Why?


·        About 3 crore Bangladeshi Muslims have illegally infiltrated into India, via West Bengal. The Communist Government of West Bengal, not only cordially welcomes them, but also provides them with Ration Card and ultimately voter's card. Why?


·        Since partition in Pakistan, Hindus have shrunk from 24% to 1% and in India, Muslims have grown from 9% to 15%. Why?

·        40% of the population votes. 15% of this voting population are Muslims, 15% are Christians and 10% others. The remaining 60% i.e the non voting population are divided on the ground of cast – Agarwaals, Rajputs, Sikhs etc following the Divide n Rule policy. Why?

Are you happy with this Minority Appeasement and Majority Discrimination? Do you think we need to protect our BHARTIYA SANSKRITI and our ancient Indian culture and heritage and unite against Communal Terrorism? If yes, then VOTE FOR CHANGE.

Vote for a party that is truly secular and not for that party which appears to be secular. Don't be deceived! Think and Act!

Saans lo to DHARMA ke liye….

Saans chodo to DESH ke liye….






deepak said...

Hi Saleel Bhaiya,

Please have a look on this. This is really horrible.

Congress Declares Bhagat singh as Terrorist

And pls do keep posting :-)

Siddharth said...

hi bhaiya... why have you not been posting these days?

Dalit said...

dear aol idiots
so you bunch of cunts voted for narendra modi and advani's party. Obviously your guruji she she went quite amiss in his prediction. some guru he is. Keep your bharatiya smaskriti up your ass.