Monday, June 29, 2009

Q & A with Guruji

Here is what Guruji's wisdom blog missed:

Documented by my friend who was in the ashram. I liked the disclaimer he put - the words may not exactly match, but the bhav does :-)

20th June Satsang in Vishalakshi Mantap (VM)

Q: Thank you for giving us an opportunity to ask questions. It is said that Christ died because of our sins.....
Sri Sri: It is a wrong interpretation to say that Christ died because of our sins. The bible was written after many years of Christ's death. If a person takes this understanding he would continue sinning and say that Christ has already died for our sins.

Q: How can one remain silent and yet say what is to be said so that nothing remains unsaid?
Sri Sri: Did anyone understand the question?..(There was no response) It is best kept unsaid.

Q: Of recent times, I have no questions left. Does that mean that I have become "Murkh" or very "Samajhdar"?
Sri Sri: There is this one question at least! That means you are not "Murkh" but becoming very "Samajhdar" also becomes a hurdle.

Q. Guruji, my work at home does not allow me to do seva. What should I do?
Sri Sri: Your work at home is also a seva. Do how much ever you can..

Q: Guruji, it does not seem right for me to invite outsiders to do the course, when I cannot convince my husband and children.
Sri Sri: Sometimes you have to use a different route. If you wish to break the mango, you have to hit the branch. Get your children's friends to do the course. They have a lot of respect for you. Get your husband's friends to do the course. This way their friends will pull them in.

2 devotees composed beautiful shayari (I don’t remember the exact words).

21st June Amphitheatre

Most of the discussion was in Kannada as it was a sunday. Sundays satsangs include a lot of people from Bangalore. The questions in Kannada are not stated below.

The sikh Jatha sung kirtans for a second time. This time around the kirtans were around surrendering unto Guruji. Incidentally the Jatha had attended the Part I course from the 18th - 21st June.

Q: I am into dancing and music. What can I do to increase my confidence?
G: The only way you can increase your confidence is by making mistakes.

Love & Jai Gurudev

Omprakash Talreja

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