Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beyond the Logical Mind

Its funny, it took me so long to realize this. We have been hearing about stories of faith and miracles of Guru Grace, but yet for me, it took so long to come as a realization.

Guruji's whole effort, if I can call it effort :-) is to teach us to let go of the control; to make us realize that its not me who is controlling, its not me and my plans that can secure my future, even my present; its not what I understand by my little brain, my limited 'so called' logic that decides and makes things happen for me.

The unseen is at work. The 'shakti' which makes it all happen is invisible. See Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

And yet, our whole thought process is completely LOGIC based. All our plans, our targets, our methods, our strategies, our evaluations, our judgements, everything is based on what our logic allows us to perceive and estimate.

Guruji gives us repeated experiences as if to tell us, "sweetheart, at least now drop that thing called logic. go beyond logic, explore infinity, enjoy the freedom that rests in letting go. Come on, its high time you mature, grow up and be the innocent kid that you are, let me take care of you and your life, just leave it to me, surrender and be free."

But the grip of the logical mind is so strong! Its such an irony!! Are we following the Guru? Am i a sincere disciple, a true devotee?

I guess repeated advance courses is the only way! What else could help?

Asangoham ....Punaha...Punaha.


Anjesh Thakur said...


girijesh said...

really bhaiyaa...u r right ...we often feel d miracle even our logical mind ignored it....n d solutin given by u is awesm ..going 4 adv course is only d way u bhaiya ...jgd

Gear up now !!! said...

Absolutely !! Such a blissful & Logical contradiction.
Too much of logic only screws up our happiness. VAAH mere guru vaah !
This knowledge is awesome.

Swadha Agarwal said...

so true bhaiya...after my 2nd advance n regular kriya find my connection better with guruji..:)@anjesh asangoham means 'again'...this guruji often say on advance course...(i hope m right)...

Shikha said...

waooooo........n thats wat is hapnin

Sandeep said...
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Sandeep said...

Yes Bhaiya..absolutely... I am waiting for my Next Advance Course :) Its time :)

sandeep said...

dear bhaiya.. i really wonder then.. the decision that we take in our daily lives, careers and everything, are we the one who decide or is it somebody else??

and btw, how do you really manage to have such hectic schedules?? do you get tired at all?? i am really amazed at your energy.. :)

Saleel Pulekar said...

Swadha and Anjesh, Asangoham means being detached. Punah Punah means again and again. We need to keep detaching ourselves again and again, to realise that we are hollow and empty, that SELF is same as GURU/GOD.

Sandeep, Actions are our choice and effort, fruits/results come by HIS blessing!

Regarding your question on energy, everywhere I go I keep meeting people like you ;-). Well, when you are immersed i Sadhana, Seva and Satsang you remain high :-)