Friday, April 23, 2010

Mesmerised by Rishi Vidhyadharji

The last five days I have been meeting him daily.

His presence exudes peace and awareness.
His words bring solace, intrigues the seeker and kindle wisdom.

I am in awe of his wisdom,
I am inspired by his dedication,
In his presence, my heart wells up in gratitude and my soul feels elevated.

A few excerpts from his Gyan Vani:

Being with nothing is Meditation,
Doing for nothing is Seva,
Singing for nothing is Satsang.

Meditation gives Peace,
Satsang gives Joy,
Seva gives Love,
Knowledge gives Contentment.

Rather than 'Think before you Talk'; 'Observe your sielnce before you talk'. Only if you are silent within, then the words that you speak will either give solace or direction or both, to the listener. Words that bring neither solace nor give direction to the listener are best not spoken.
Six reasons to use words:
1. To inquire about life
2. To bless
3. To praise
4. To delegate work
5. To give knowledge
6. To tell Guru stories

More may follow, or the best thing is meet him.

Aho Niranjano!


Pramod Patil said...

Jai Gurudev da!!

'Observe the silence before you speak' I really liked this point. I was looking for this answer for a long time.

Thanks a lot :-)

kirti said...

its really nice and meaningful. you are very lucky for being with him so regularly. i wish i too will listen him someday. jai guru dev and keep on posting rishiji,s knowledge.

Mihir Chavan said...

wonderful Rishiji is so cool I like the new look of the blog by the way

Amol said...

its simply great! i couldnt resist myself from reading it again and again for abt 6-7 times.
jai gurudev!
thanks a lot.

vinod said...

I am listening to Ashtavakra geetha and today is the day of, Aho Niranjano!... Thought of reading more about its Sanskrit translation and I googled it... N ended up here, reading this post..
Now second time.... Aho Niranjano!!!

SincereSeeker said...

Thank you for posting this. Has been very helpful, insightful.