Saturday, May 15, 2010

Like poles attract!?

SATTVA attracts more SATTVA,
RAJAS attracts more RAJAS and
TAMAS attracts more TAMAS.

This has been my experience.

When my sadhana is deep I tend to do more sattvik things, like listening to Guruji's knowledge or doing some chanting etc.

When my sadhana is done in a hurry, I tend to do too many things, lot of planning and thinking goes on and the activity is not controlled.

When my sadhana is done sluggishly and/or with resistence I waste time doing nothing and making up my mind to do something, out of a lack of drive.

Recommended listening: Gurujis talk - The Three Gunas

Jai Gurudev
PS: currently in train on way to bangalore...transition from tamasik to sattvik environment :-)


kapilsaini said...

this is my experience also....

girijesh said...

yup Bhaiya.... even i read it in the book "the Secret" like attracts like... very true...