Thursday, August 26, 2010

Evaluate your Sattva-Rajas-Tamas

During a very casual chat over dinner with Yogesh, I realized that its easy to get a peek into your mind by switching on the TV!!??

If no channel interests you and yet you lazily keep watching and the angle made by your back with your thighs keeps increasing :-) you are in a state of TAMAS.

If you find more than 2 channels (entertainment ones) interesting and keep switching between them every few minutes, its RAJAS; if every few seconds then its very high RAJAS.

If you are watching an Ekta Kapoor production with a smile on your face, its SATTVA. No matter what channel you are watching, if someone comes and changes the channel or switches the TV off and you still continue smiling, its very high SATTVA.

So the idiot box after all is not so much of an idiot, it can be used as a Sattva-Meter

So go ahead and experiment :-)



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Awesome!!! :D :D :D Very well explained!