Friday, November 12, 2010

Guilt & Conflicts

Q: Ummm.. Thr is one thng i greatly regret about.. I hv acceptd my mistake, still it comes in mind n hurts me agn aftr a whil.. Its deep rooted in my heart...How can i get rid of it?
A: A scholar in a village who was jealous of Gautam Buddha, went and spat on his face and Buddha just kept smiling, untouched and unaffected, and when he later went to Buddha for forgiveness, Buddha said, "I cannot forgive because the person who spat and the person asking for forgiveness are not the same. And there is no chance I will meet him ever. And the person on who he spat is not the same as the person standing in front of you now and there is no chance you will meet him ever." Everything is changing.

Just focus on the priority things in your life like your career etc. Move ahead dude.

And I am not telling you to run away from your unpleasant feelings, just go through it, welcome it, do not resist it. Whatever your resist will persist :-) And my dear MRI, you seem so confident its deep rooted in your heart??!! Even the best heart surgeons in AIIMS are not as confident as you about what is deep rooted in the heart...ha ha. Like an atom, the negativity is only on the periphery, and at the root, at the center there is only positivity. So relax. Do seva and meditate deeper to get in touch with the love, innocence and peace that you are.

And by the way, have you apologized to the person, if any, who suffered because of your mistake?

Q: Many times there are conflicts in our volunteer team, inspite of the fact that all of us are working for a common goal.
A: Conflicts can't be avoided. Similarly belongingness also can't be avoided. Its human nature. Just focus on the belongingness and it will grow.



Abhinav Jain said...

Awesome reply :))

Sandesh said...

WOW!!! Thanks for sharing...

not so anonymous said...

i was thinking about asking the same thing to u. And here u r giving the answer. In my case , i haven't apologised, for i dont think i can. I will just go with , i am a diff. person now, and tht person is left behind