Thursday, November 4, 2010


VAPIANO is an Italian Restaurant Chain. Had dinner today at the Vapiano in Hamburg.

A unique ambience, brilliant food, extremely cool seating arrangement.

The above pic has been clicked from the road. The tree you see is inside the restaurant planted in a big rectangular hole right in the middle of a big square table around which there are chairs where we sat and had our food. 

A huge menu just above the ordering place, looks like a big blackboard with the drawings and text done with chalk. This gives it a very informal, innocent and unique flavour.

Below is the pic of one of the tables, the two big mushroom shaped things you see are lamps and the small plants you see are basil and some other leaves which can be eaten with the food. Directly plucking from the garden and placing it on bread or your pizza and with a few drops of olive oil on it, gives a naturally nourishing experience. Brilliant concept

I ordered for a Rucola Ravioli pasta and Bruchetta pizza. Was delicious. Another khasiyat (speciality) of this place is that when you place your order, the cook changes his gloves, takes a fresh pan and puts the ingredients in front of you and cooks your pasta, cool na :-)

And after having eaten Sambar Rice, Tofu, and Curd Rice for lunch @ 4pm and then dinner @ 9pm at Vapiano, it took us a 1 hour walk to feel light enough to go to bed. But I did not go to bed and instead wrote this, and though I still cannot feel the sleep in my eyes, I can definitely feel your mouth watering already ;-)

PS: On our walk back, we saw a 3 layer cake priced 1250 Euros!!!


Deepak said...


Reading this post as a first task in the morning. Had already breakfast but being big fan of italian food and reading so much details I feel hungry now :-)

Vivek Barun said...

Amazing... plz post more photos from there...

kapilsaini said...

my mouth is really watering...