Friday, December 17, 2010


Bhaiya...i have so many questions coming up in my mind these days........

i knw u'll answer all the sensible ones..

Q. how to tackle all type of distractions(worldly) which come up while walking this path??
A: by being more firmly rooted in your center and knowing that all distractions are not only temporary but also unreal.

Q. is it ok to be firm about certain things in ur lyf i.e. "either ONLY THIS or NOTHING else.." Is it not like resisting??
A: your conscience will tell you whether it is right or wrong. Do those things which are rewarding in the long term, though unpleasant to begin with.

Q. why the Guruji who comes in my dreams is more intimate than the actual wale Guruji...
A: fantasies are always sweeter and sexier than reality :-) Your desires are coming up as your dreams.

Q: and why Guru's ways of expressing have to be subtle...??
A: bcz the voltage of his words and actions are very high, so just a little is also enough.

Q. what is the secret of being the Best Devotee..??
A: I cannot tell you the secret bcz I am the best devotee ;-). Well, Guruji often says, " jo tu hai so mai hu, jo mai hu so tu hai!"

Q. While being on the path, when u r in love with someone..does this worldly love happen to be a big big hindrance in the Divine love..?dats y Guruji didnt marry and so many teachers(including u),volunteers dont marry??
A: not if the focus is on the Guru.

Q. Is the Divine possessive about the devotee..??Does the Divine feel hurt if he has to share the devotee's love with some other person????
A: for the divine there is no other, no two, its advait. But I am sure Guruji shows himself to be possessive at times, its just a 'leela', divine play, to add spice to the divine romance.

Q. I keep thinking about Guruji all time these days..i cant do anything else..I just want to be with him..How,when,where...i dont knw..wat to do??
A: Krishna told Arjuna in the Gita, "I am the strength in the strong, the beauty in the beautiful, the fragrance in the flower and the sweetness in the sugar." Just like that, the smile on your face is HIM, the longing in your heart is HIM and the wow that's happening in your mind now and the tickle you are feeling in your heart now is also HIM!


I answer all sincere questions with sincerity ;-)

Jai Gurudev

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