Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Q/A session Part -I : Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi

A couple of weeks ago, I accompanied Poonam to her weekly YES!+ follow up session at LHMC, near CP, Delhi, where she regularly conducts YES!+ courses along with Rohit and Tina.


I had very strongly resisted the temptation to eat at Bengali sweets which is a stone's throw from the college, as I wanted to do the long Sudarshan Kriya. For the first time I did long Sudarshan Kriya in a hospital, which was a different experience in many ways, one of them being that my nose had to inhale a lot of unwanted odors, which obviously forced some extra work on the lungs. However, as expected grace played its role, and I had a rejuvenating experience, which culminated in a meditatively celebratively blissful state, thanks to Bhajan Samrat Deepanji singing a Narayan bhajan.

Here are a few excerpts from the Q&A before the kriya.
Q. What is the difference between Rest and Meditation?
A: When we rest after getting exhausted, the body is at rest but the mind is active but during meditation, body and mind both are at rest.

Meditation is sitting with an attitude of :-




U don't Meditate. Meditation Happens..because it is an Effortless process. 

Q. What is Vairagya ?
A: Vairagya means Dispassion. It is the state in which u are not shaken by anything in life. People think that in Vairagya one cannot enjoy his life but truth is just opposite :-). Only a person who is dispassionate can enjoy his life fully even in his failures.

Q. Should we express our anger?
A: Yeah u can express your anger just by a little change in your tone not by loosing your temper. People will listen to you. ;-)
but if u will loose your temper you will loose your self control and at that time there is no difference between u and a mad person and  u will loose your value.

Remaining questions in the next post
Jai Gurudev

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