Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Upanishad - Sitting close to the Master

Precious moments with the MASTER

This TRM - Mar 2011 (Teachers Refresher Meet - which one can say is a special course conducted by Guruji himself for AOL teachers) was simply excellent.

Our chairman Yezdi Batliwala's balance of love and professionalism was exemplary in his leadership of the organizing team.

Rishi Vidhyadharji's knowledge sessions was the most inspiring part of the TRM. His 10 point formula, which he says he has observed and learnt from Guruji, was perhaps the best take home for most teachers. Yes I am going to share it with all of you as I feel every sadhak must know it.

1: Ayurveda
2: sadhana
3: satsang
4: seva
5: swadhyay
6: smile
7: silence
8: samarpan
9: simran
10: sankalp

However, when Guruji would come to the session, all else would go into the background, the mind would go blank, words cannot contain the depth and vastness of the states I experienced in HIS presence.

Feeling more inspired, prepared and in faith to carry on the Guru's work ahead by diving deeper into the self.


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Mona Agarwal said...

It still feels good to hear those words...when he shared these 10 points in most of the sessions during Group Sadhna when He came for Shivratri preparations...I never missed His Knowledge Session for a Single day ...I was jst floating wid the divine for 45 days...So precise n so full of knowledge....Rishiji always present like as KINGDOM!!...