Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bhagavatam : An Ocean of Devotion

Ved Vyasa once felt that even after blessing the humanity with the storehouse of knowledge, Mahabharata and the rules of conduct, the four vedas, he had not done enough.  He felt  that his work didn't grant him satisfaction.

Then sage Narada came to his rescue and told him that even though he was interested in the welfare of the world through his works, there was a drawback. Mahabharata talks about Dharma, righteousness in action and the vedas tells about Karma Yoga, the rules of conduct. But none has the 'Exclusive' praises of the Lord.

In all his works, the Lord was 'Incidentally' praised. There was no single-mindedness in his devotion.

Narada told him,  "the praises of Narayana even if they are sung out of tune, will assure man of the Grace of the Lord.The easiest path to the Lord is that of Bhakti. So sing the praises of Narayana. Let nothing come from the your lips except words of praise describing the glory of Narayana and you will find Peace. Unveil to the world the secret behind the avataras."

This is how Bhagavatam came into existence. And whats in it? be continued.



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