Thursday, May 19, 2011

Handling MINDS: A Conversation

In the second week of April, I had an interaction with YES!+ participants on the last day of their course.
I thought of sharing one of the conversations on the blog.

Student : I had watched the silver jubilee celebration of 'The Art of Living'  few years back. But i felt it was too much wastage of money. The money could have been used elsewhere effectively. Don't you think so?

Me : You know how many people came to attend that event? 2.5million. They meditated together and only God knows how many people were healed. Had they been told that they have to come and meditate together. How many would have come? Very few. That's why they were told that there's a big Celebration and actually there was :-) So many people came to know about Art of Living through this event. And so many lives got transformed.

Student : But why so much spending? It was un-necessary
Me : Why are you wearing that watch?  
Student : To check time
Me : Don't you have a mobile phone? 
Student : Yes
Me : Its a waste of money. 
Student : But its just worth 500.
Me : In our ashram, 15days of food, shelter and education of a child is taken care in Rs. 500.

Student : Ok, I accept it that I am wrong. But then he's (Guruji) wrong too.
Me : Look, my point is not proving that you are wrong. I just want to tell you that your perspective to look at things is not correct right now. Being a student, you should be open-minded and you should see things from all the perspectives. This attitude will take you way ahead. It is like you are holding a coin with one face towards you and the other face towards the other person and you are firm in your belief that the coin has only one face. You have to broaden your vision and you have to look at the coin from all dimensions..

Student : Right, but why Art of Living has to publicize so much about the courses?
Me : How many ads, how many hoardings did you see for this course?
Student : None
Me : How did you come to know about it?
Student : Word of mouth 
Me : Coke industry sells pesticides. If they can publicize, promote something so harmful, why not us? We are anyways bringing a positive change in everybody's life. It is said, "the milkman has to go door to door to sell milk; but the guy who wants to sell alcohol just opens a bar and people come to him. For good things to spread, effort is needed. Do whatever it takes to change somebody's life, to bring a smile on somebody's face.

So as a teacher, it was an experience of handling the other person's mind. This can only be done when your mind itself is well handled ;-)

In any conversation, the first thing which needs to be done is making the other person receptive enough for the conversation. Then educating him if he is missing out on something. And the last thing is ignoring if he is not open to receive the knowledge :-). This ensures that you will be at peace.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Jai Gurudev


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