Saturday, May 7, 2011

Metamorphosis - From God to Human to X...Y...Z to Human to God!!

It is said “Bachche bhagwan ka roop hain”. Every child is Divine. So we are born as God but as we start observing ‘Human beings’, we start becoming more and more human. The element of Divinity starts getting lost and more and more of the human aspect creeps in.

But we don’t stop there. The seeds of corruption, greed, lies, competition are sowed in us by our very own dear PARENTS and they ensure that the seed is watered, manured and fertilized. They tell us to be first in the class, to eat the entire tiffin  and keep all good things with us without sharing. When someone else starts getting more than us, we are taught to be jealous.

And this is how we are demoted further from Human beings to ‘Rats’. We enter the vicious 'RAT-RACE'.

On one hand we say, these are my friends and on the other hand, we compete with them, we pull them down.
As we grow up, we become ‘DOGS’. We join some company as Employees. We do ‘NAUKRI’. Like a dog has a master and the leftover food is given to him, the Employer earns something and the leftover is given to the employee as ‘Salary’ ;-)

People celebrate, throw parties on getting their first 'JOB'. Some idiots who get placed through campus are happier because they became dogs earlier than the others.

So its not just religious conversion or sex change which is happening in the world today, rather inter-species conversion is also happening where in humans are being converted to rats then to dogs and further to horses. Like the horse,  the eyes are side blinded so that it doesn’t get distracted and does ONLY what its Master wants it to do. 

It is trained, told, groomed to walk and see just one road which leads not to his success but to the Master’s success. This is how the mind becomes one-track and thinking becomes monotonous. Because all others are walking straight, I should also not look around. Many-a-times, we don’t even know why we are walking.

So, the first thing a rat needs to do is ask “Why am I in this rat race?”
The first thing a dog needs to do is ask  “Why am I being a slave?”
The first thing a horse needs to do is ask  “Do I really wish to walk this path? Why am I not removing these side blinds? Why am I not looking around?”

What is it that I actually want in my life? Why am I doing what I am doing? What I am getting out of it, is it the thing I really want?

Then gradually, we can become human beings.

And the journey doesn’t end there. With a Spiritual master in your life, you get elevated from being merely 'Human' to being 'Divine'. Through the Grace of the Master, one can recognize his true nature.

“Enlightenment is not a Learning process but its an UN-learning process. From being Somebody to Nobody and then to being Everybody” ~ Sri Sri

Jai Gurudev :-)


All Smiles said...

Wow!! Amazing! so beautifully explained:-) Loved the "DOG" part -so true!! :P

Monika Choudhary said...

Wow bhaiya..what an awesome post!! Truly amazing

Swadha Agarwal said...

very nice post bhaiya:)simply loved the way of explaining the entire post with examples:)

will be on 7th level soon said...

Brilliantly explained about a human being life...superb...Jai gurudev Bhaiaya..!!

suvidha said...

Its such a Wow post bhaia!! picturisque n js amazingly xplained:)

suvidha said...

Its such a Wow post bhaia!! picturisque n js amazingly xplained:)

nandu said...

every part of it so true... I am very very lucky to have you reminded me of this. Loved the post

Simply Rahul said...

These words are truly soul touching.
The thing is always questionable that
what we r?
what we want to be?
at where this rat race will end?
when the diff between NAUKAR (employee)and MALIK(employer)will end?
When we remove the hurdles that stopping us for wider viewing?

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Anjesh Thakur said...

no words for dis one..! :)
jai gurudev :))

Pothi said...

A different look at how things are going in life. Thanks for sharing!