Sunday, May 22, 2011

Using Nimbu Pani to control the Mind!!!

This time, We all felt really lucky to have Saleel Bhaiya in our weekly Saturday YES!+ follow up, who talked about “DESIRES”. Now, the knowledge in itself is so profound and when told by a teacher like him, in such a practical manner, gets understood easily.

Ref: Knowledge Sheet 135: You are pure Electricty, on Pg 177 in 'An Intimate Note to the Sincere Seeker' by H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Saleel bhaiya talked about the electric nature of desires for sensory pleasures- whenever a desire arises, one can feel an intense sensation inside. He gave an example which every youth can relate to – ice-creams!! J As by the power of electricity, trains, machines etc. can be moved, the inner electricity can pull the whole body! Just the thought of having ice-cream creates such a powerful pull. It can make the whole body move to the ice cream parlor!

All the distortions - Lust, greed, jealousy etc. are powerful because they are energies/electric in nature but the awareness that it is WE who are the source of that pure electricity can help you move desires deeper within (self)- towards everlasting bliss and pleasure.  The purity of the inner electricity can be maintained by devotion and dedication.

Remembering that you will die makes you alive now! When you know that you are going to die anytime, say tomorrow, then the mind automatically comes back to the present moment and since you feel have less time left, you think of doing things which you really want to do than day-dreaming. (This was the WoW moment, for me!)

At the end, we were given a “homework” - within next 24 hours, whatever 1 desire you have; do not fulfill it for you but for 3 others. Sounds easy? Nah! You’ve got to practically do it to find out the easiness.

Initially we took it lightly and the homework became more of a game – we asking few others what were there desire/s at that moment (as if we would fulfill them :-) ) and the person asked, on the verge of answering would suddenly realize the repercussions – how it would backfire and leave a hole in his pocket ;)

Since in Delhi the weather is humid these days, I suddenly had the “desire” to drink “Nimbu Pani”. Believe me, it’s a sheer bliss in hot weather! But..but..but..I remembered the homework and with a heavy heart I ordered 3 “Nimbu Pani”.

Now since I couldn’t have it, my longing for it was increasing, though it wasn’t making me sad. I could feel the taste, smell the lemon masala etc etc. The electric nature of the pleasure was erupting in me. Oh-la-la..And to top it all, the three highly ungrateful people added to my misery :relishing each sip, deliberately making comments of how good it was made by the vendor etc. etc.

We were in all 6 people standing and I asked the remaining 2 if they too would like to have it. Though the homework was for 3 people only, there’s no harm in doing it a little better for those brownie points ;-).

So now the whole gang was having Nimbu Pani except me. Initially I was thinking about having Nimbu Pani but slowly in the whole process of getting it for others, the craving pacified. Slowly the acceptance came and my mind came back to the present moment. I started enjoying the moment anyway and while they were drinking it, the attention shifted from nimbu Pani to other important matters.

While I was busy discussing something, suddenly a friend who’d finished his drink came and handed me a BIG glass of Nimbu Pani! “It’s for you; we’ve all had; now you should also have”. I, in a determined tone, said no. I wanted to do my homework really well (though the desire had reduced, I wouldn’t have minded a glass!;)

But they all very lovingly said that the homework is over and that it isn’t I who’d asked but they who‘ve got it willingly.

After little bit of friendly tussle, I finally agreed and had it! The first 2 sips were heavenly! It was a BIG glass (almost double of what they had), the first few sips quenched my thirst and as the drink came till the bottom, I no longer wanted to have it!.

I had an intrinsic learning in the whole process:

·         Once you work for others and keep your desires aside, it automatically gets fulfilled! (Of course, the expectation shouldn’t be there :-) )

·         It’s the longing for the desire that is more pleasurable, once fulfilled the charm is lost.

·         No matter whether your desire is fulfilled or not, staying happy is in your hands and not directly proportional to it ;)

You learn something every day if you pay attention – Anonymous 

Loved writing this, feels grateful for bei ng given the opportunity to write on your blog bhaiya.
Jai Gurudev
Swati Gupta


Pothi said...

That was an amazing experiment. Loved the way it ended. Thanks for sharing the experience. Jai Guru Deva!

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