Thursday, June 30, 2011

Its been a long walk

After a long time I took a long walk in Ghatkopar, Mumbai on the 90 ft road, Odeon cinema, Hingwala lane, etc.

These were the roads I often visited with my school and college friends in the evenings. The primary objective of these walks was never refreshing the mind and energizing the body, but rather it was soothing the eyes and warming the heart ;-) (watching the babes).

Nostalgia did cross my mind as I watched the lanes, shops and various apartment buildings, but it didn't stay long. What struck my mind harder was that though a couple of decades had passed and everything had changed, some things had not changed at all!

The Gujjus were hogging at the hawkers, people were in a mad rush, tired and stressed, to reach back home, young girls were flaunting their dresses, the boys were ogling at them and passing comments, aunties were gossiping about prices and jewelry, uncles were discussing the stock market and yet some others were expressing their woes of corporate politics.

How long will we remain stuck in the patterns of the past life-times? When are we going to graduate out of the school of desires into the institution of the enlightened? How much more time? How many more births?

Its been a long, long, a really long walk!

Asangohum, punah, punah!



simran said...

super duper awesome

Pothi said...

Ha. That was like you wrote what I had in my mind when I see such people. I'd feel that there is nothing in them. They do what they were supposed to do. It's me who has to do something to change anything even to the tiniest extent. :)

Jai guru dev!

Bhumidev said...

Great thinking !!!! :-)