Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Being a Sakshi (Witness) is Tough

Yesterday, I had been for a walk in my locality, Garodia Nagar, in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. I went to the Lion's Club Joggers park. It was very pleasant in the park.

Young Gujju ladies, looking like middle aged aunties, courtesy their behinds, gossiping away while making lazy rounds of the park, spoiling the silence of the atmosphere. On the bench, old uncles, discussing the plight of the world and the dangers to come, the sheer disappointment in their tone clearly evident, with traces of a superiority complex as they compared today's times to their days.

Some health freaks, making a leisurely garden walk a serious affair, more than the sweat, their twisted brows were distorting their face, as though they were there to vent out their anger, after a recent fight with their boss/wife.

Young couples on the benches in some shady corner, where somehow the light rays from the nearby lamp post don't reach, because some leaf or flower of a long branch manages to do its job. Some couples exchanging whispered conversations, some struggling to manage some physical contact, just a side hug if nothing else ;-) and yet some others shooting invisible missiles through the sides of their eyeballs, such strong resistance to even look at each other, as though it will leak out some signal of love! I actually felt like going to one such couple and telling them, "Guys, just chill, you never know till how long you will continue to get these moments, hatred destroys love, only love nurtures love."

The tiny tots toddling with excitement in a new found paradise like Alices in wonderland.

I wondered, is this being a 'Sakshi'? I shifted my awareness to my walk, the length of my strides, the movement of the balance of my body. Then to my breath, and thoughts. My pace reduced, i began getting lost in my thoughts. I just shrugged the thoughts and came back to my brisk walk. I realized being a Sakshi while in 100 % action was quite a challenge. Remembered Sri Sri's text on 'Rest in Activity and Activity in Rest'. Wondered, how does HE do it?

I made a few attempts to keep my awareness on the atmosphere, the people around, my walk, breath, thoughts and feelings and something deeper in me, all at the same time, like a parallel processor.

I failed miserably :-(

I need more practice.

Jai Gurudev


Mihir Chavan said...

actually i find it that more relaxed u become the easier it is to become a witness and a continuous practice of this allows us to be a witness even in tough times. just my experience though

Anjali said...

very aptly described bhaiya.. :) gujju ladies,health freaks,couples,uncles,tiny tots :D