Friday, October 28, 2011


Heart upside down???????? then join yes+….……. creativity conducive to promote such a workshop…….neways the day  started with some beautiful energetic songs….….. participants were cracking jokes and so were asked to share it with everybody to grab their attention.
It was the day of their first  SUDARSHAN KRIYA which was an integral part......... it had almost consumed 50% market share in terms of my mind space regarding what it actually is…they claim that you really have to try and do it before you can realize what is so different..Some critics claim it is the immensely good PR department behind it that helps them to promote Sudarshan kriya to the whole world. And Pupils from every guru and adepts of every form of meditation make the same claims as to how the encounter with the person or meditation changed their lives.

Meditation has become very crucial for all of us to beat stress and  continue with our rat race but how can we do that….hmmmm may be by concentration OR learning it the yes+ way relating with nature, its beauty, different rythms in nature and how everything is moving with it….

Initially even I was’nt   in favour of them boasting so much about it but the positivity was volatile when I entered again……….if one takes a close look one could see their faces glowing with big smiles on their faces.
Continuing with the process there was a Q & Answer round … was didactic…… though I always try to keep inquisitors at bay but the way teachers answered all ques showed how brilliantly they were aimed at making the knowledge drain down in their mind because the kind of examples that were given helped each one of them to relate and retain the knowledge properly……

Benjamin franklin once said that “energy and persistence conquer all things”………and as it is all of us are full of energy but one question that arises is - do we actually use it for the right purpose or in right direction????

The day was full of different games, fun and masti intended to bring out their potential to the fullest......because if you give your best  all the time, somehow things will work out in the end…everybody running, banging into  each other…I was wondering why is this athletic training being given here…
but still they were laughing and enjoying like anything….it was as if somebody had switched on the ‘lets be kids again’ button in them… ……..

I wanted to have some personal interactions with the teacher but he was never left alone...not even during the breaks.

Apart from his efficiency  the most amazing part was that after every 5 min the teachers would crack some joke with use of aphorisms and instigate laughter so that the attention of the students remain intact……. taking names and aptly using the mike was commendable…even the volunteers were very committed in taking care of everything sincerely  except for the puddles on the way, no lights on the entrance or should I first say that there was no proper entrance……excellence in mediocrity was taken very seriously I guess………newayz the protracted smiles on their faces was just perfect to end  the second day of  yes+ saying-- Yeh Experience Scintillating tha.

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