Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reaching Heights

I had never imagined life moving like Rajdhani Express suddenly, till it was standing on the platform. Got lucky to get an offer to be the PR & Communication Executive of a guy who co-ordinates all the YES!+ activities of Delhi NCR, Maharashtra, Germany and various parts of India…from taking YES!+, YES!+ DSN courses, workshops, etc to training the teachers for making the best use of their potential for enlightening millions of lives...Mr. Saleel Pulekar, Faculty Art of living...i wonder…what did I do to deserve such big responsibility?

Resigned from the job I was doing in Noida the very next day, booked my tickets for Mumbai…life was not the same anymore…

Each and every moment became exciting, unpredictable and adventurous. N I was getting amazed more and more…

The Surat trip at Diwali gave me the exposure which I never got In my life!! Being with the directors of YES!+, the founders of WAYE…Khurshed Batliwala and Dinesh Ghodke ..oooohhh!! Bawa’s cooking and his presence…Dinesh Bhaiya’s smile and caring attitude, and the way they walked, the way they talk, the attention they pay to each and every detail, took my heart away. Blend of simplicity with centeredness , being the same with the rich & poor, in crowd or with a handful people, commendable…made me learn so much in an unspoken manner.

It was a three star accommodation where I got my stay…quoting it as somebody’s house would be an understatement. A big Mansion with a beautiful Garden in the front, lovely interiors with all luxuries. Huge kitchen where 15 people can do bhastrika easily…a fridge carrying souvenir from places all across the globe… and what to say about the comfortable oval bath tub..a place to sit and pamper yourself, and I use to ponder…how these rich guys maintain the good looks all day!

Dressed up and went to meet Guruji in one of the Jazz standing outside, understanding what the rich feels and how they function on the way..

Guruji just came in his full vigour and walked the Ramp showering his blessings which gave me goosebumps sitting on the VIP sofa. With a blessed feeling of contentment of having a Guru who knows whats the best of best for you I closed my eyes.

The night was as comfortable as being under a cozy blanket on a chilly winter morning.

Morning, after attending the pds, where the master was emphasizing on the importance ayurveda and Geeta..of providing vocational training to villagers, etc went to Dumus..a big farmhouse of a devotee with Bawa and Dinesh Bhaiya, WAYE team, where I experienced being in the home theatre for the first time ever. Having Bhajiya’s in the farmhouse!!

So much happening in so less time, it made me wonder, what could have been better than this?? If perfection is to be defined it has to be this…The blend of guru with dev…

Thank you so much Guruji…

Jai gurudev.


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