Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lighter....n....lighter....n....lighter.......en LIGHT en ed!

Did she talk? That definitely wasn't a talk. What was she doing? Did she do anything at all? Or was it just happening? Whatever was spoken was extracted from the consciousness, wrapped in the warmth of her heart and delivered with precision through her head. I was in awe of this perfect amalgamation of the three levels of communication [ref: Principles of Communication by H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji], head-2-head, heart-2-heart & soul-2-soul.

I came back with concepts in my head, either thrashed or rectified, heart filled with love and kindled with trust and the soul absolutely free.

How can someone, sitting so comfortably, with such ease and effortlessness, inspire others to take the effort to break out of their comfort zones! Note that my previous statement is punctuated by an exclamation and not a ? because I am in wonder!

The words were direct, there was nothing to read between the lines. However, there was a lot to feel and absorb between the lines. Like chocolate on the nut, her words were cocooned in the love that she is. When she was answering questions from the audience, I could sense the compassion that she felt for us, and like a mother who feeds her young one, she was serving us food for our souls and enbalming our hearts.

Her take on 'Thinking v/s Doing' was brutally punitive. But there was a fatherliness in the loving way with which she encouraged us to take risks,  she sounded like a messenger from God, reading out God's guarantee letter! Oh man, when she spoke about the Blueprint made by God for each one of us and how he makes us realize that, I had goosebumps.

The way she explained about blame, with the example of the stain on the robe, made so many things clear all of a sudden. "When someone points to the stain on your robe, don't burn their finger, instead feel grateful that they made you realize there is a stain. And know for sure that the stain is on the fibre. The fibre is as it is, a little water and a little soap of knowledge will remove it."

She was so emphatic about not being hard with ourselves. "Don't try to behave enlightened just because you got the highest knowledge overnight." 

"Its ok, its ok, everything is ok." This was so reassuring.

Such authenticity, sincerity and genuineness can exude only from a being who has the first hand experience of what she is talking about. The pinnacle of love is devotion, says Sri Sri. When she explained her 'nu-nu-na-na' funda with those kisses and cuddles, I melted. My love for her transformed into 'Bhakti'. And am longing ever since.

The meditation that followed was as restful as a sleep of a century and it seemed as if the Master HIMself was sitting there.

It was as though she was directing the music of our minds like in an orchestra with the conductor's wand, which I was realizing, as the session progressed, was a magic wand. The cobwebs in my intellect have been cleanly swept. Very subtly, she has repaired and fine tuned something inside. Not just years, but lifetimes of load seems to have been shed off the shoulders of my ego. 

I feel 'mukt' [free], so light, so light, I feel EnLightened.

Love you Rajshree.

Pranams and gratitude.


Prasad Gawde said...

You are lucky dada. Just reading this article brought a peace to me. thanks a lot for sharing

Divyesh_Vala said...
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Amarja said...

Wow! Thank you for writing it down and passing on the effect to us as well. :)

Monika said...

excellent writing and expression! I could actually feel her presence. personally a great fan of her..adding a pic would be wonerful.

arvindgoel said...

Reading your experience itself bought tears....very grateful to you and my Master....thank you so much bhaiyya...jgd

Rohit said...

Awesome!! Please let us know when rajashree didi will be in bangalore XD