Thursday, February 2, 2012


What is Seva, Satsang and Sadhana?
Its GI, GR & GD!

Seva is a Grace Installer
When you do Seva, you earn merit. Seva is an expression of gratitude. When gratitude is expressed through good deeds, more grace flows; rather, you become more eligible to soak in the grace which is already flowing every moment.


Satsang is a Grace Retainer
Satsang acts like a protective shell, an insulator, which does not allow the earned merit to dissipate through unwanted thoughts and deeds. Satsang is that which kindles the trust, thereby eliminating negative thoughts and doubts.

Sadhana is a Grace Distributor
Sadhana increases the size of your cup, so that you can empower yourself with more sattva, which makes you strong enough to be able to distribute the grace through Seva. And seva deepens your sadhana.


Manjunath said...

ek number Bhaiya. Super knowledge. Loved it thoroughly. JGD:-)

Vibhu said...

Fresh & New Knowledge :)

Swadha Agarwal said...

loved the way u hve written it bhaiya:)short and crisp:)gr8 knowledge:)