Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Murud Monday

My best Monday of year 2011 was my birthday 16 May, as I spent it in the physical presence of my Guru His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. It started with the RudraPuja with HIM and HE putting HIS garland around my neck...and a lot more expression of love followed in the rest of the day :-).

This year so far, the best Monday has been 28 May, that's yday! Started with Padmasadhana, then packing for the Murud trip and then Sudarshan Kriya followed by meditation on the Rudram.

Fast fwd....we reached Murud at 330pm, booked into a very modest resort on the beach. 5 of us, all boys...that made a lot of things easy..well you know what I mean ;-).

From 4pm till 9pm we were in shorts bare-chested either on the beach or in the water.

As you enter the water you are greeted by the small waves like playful kids running towards you. As you go deeper you meet the ruffians who literally rag you. One after other the huge waves were slapping our backs or stomachs or chests, many a time even stripping our pants!

But when you go even deeper, the romance with the sea begins. The wave gently hugs you and shyly passes away. You just jump to keep your head above the water and glide back down to land your feet.

Later we sat cross legged in the shallow water, which was just above the naval, occasionally reaching the chin, and chanted Om Namah Shivaya. The meditation that followed was a revelation of how much the five elements love us. The depression created by the receding sand beneath us, made the earth hold us as though not wanting to leave us. The water was gently rocking us back n forth as though playing mischievously throwing us off balance. The air was caressing our skin as though wanting to cool it as the fire in the Sun was warming us with its affection. And we were surrounded by space all over.

Bliss unbounded...:-)

And that's not it.

More later.

PS: about 200ft away from where I am lying down, the silvery waters are reflecting the half moon making a soft whisper.
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Krishna & Sweta said...

bhaiya, exactly a week before 28th we had ditto experience at the sea. i visited a sea shore after a long time. ur blog post voiced what i experienced. :-)

Saleel said...

oh..is it. where was it Krishna?

Manik said...

oooof ! :) wow !

You Mr Saleel Pulekar know how to make others crave for some things ! :D

Miss You a Lot bhaiaya ! Well There is a surprise planned for you which would be revealed in a week or two - the surprise is not that it would be a surprise but what is actually in the surprise! :D

Pining for you, want to meet you again ! Come to Delhi soooon ! :)
Jai Gurudev !

Vishwas Mulki said...
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